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Lee Hae-in, female single short 1st place – Cha Jun-hwan, male single 2nd place… 2nd place on the first day of the Korea Tournament (overall)

Team Korea’, which first competed in the World Team Trophy, a national figure skating competition, performed well on the first day of the competition, ranking second in the middle rankings.

Captain Cha Jun-hwan (22) Lee Si-hyung (23, Korea University, male single) Kim Ye-rim (20, Dankook University) Lee Hae-in (18, Sehwa Girls’ High School or older female single) Ice Dance Lim Hae-na (19)-Quan-ye (22, Canada), Jo Hye-jin (pair) 18)-The Korean figure skating team, composed of Stephen Adcock (27, Canada), placed second with 39 points on the first day of the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating National Team World Team Trophy event held at the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan on the 13th. went up

In the team trophy, players from each country compete in 4 events (men and women’s singles, pairs, ice dance) and the ranking is determined by the sum of points. The six countries with the best results in one season’s ISU international competitions will stand on the stage for the Team Trophy.

Two people each will compete in the men’s and women’s singles, and one pair each will participate in the pairs and ice dancing. The final ranking is determined by converting the short program and free skating rankings of the event into points. Also, since this is an event organized by ISU, scores recorded in this event are recognized as official scores.

The event was first held in Japan in 2009. It is held once every two years, but in 2011 the tournament was canceled due to the Tohoku earthquake. Since 2013, it has been held in Japan every two years.

Korea participated in the team trophy for the first time. Cha Jun-hwan and Lee Si-hyeong were listed on the list of players for the men’s singles. For the female singles, Lee Hae-in and Kim Ye-rim came out. Jo Hye-jin and Adcock participated in the pair, and Lim Hae-na and Quan-ye participated in the ice dance.

Lee Hae-in, who participated in the women’s single short program, scored 76.9 points, a combination of 41 points in the technical score (TES) and 35.9 points in the arts (PCS). Lee Hae-in, who overtook Kaori Sakamoto (Japan), who placed second with a score of 72.69, took first place overall in the women’s singles short program, earning 12 points.

Kim Ye-rim, who she competed with, ranked 7th with a score of 62.65.

12 points will be awarded for first place in the men’s and women’s single short program and free skating. Lee Hae-in, who took first place in the women’s singles, got 12 points, and Kim Ye-rim, who came in 7th, got 6 points. Combining the scores of the two players, Korea accumulated 18 points in the women’s singles alone.

Lee Hae-in, who won silver at the World Championships last month, improved her previous short program personal best score of 73.62 (at the 2023 World Championships) by 3.28 points.

Lee Hae-in was the 10th out of 12 women’s single short program players to appear on the ice. He opened the game to Eric Redford’s ‘Storm’, her short program song this season.

The first jump, the double axel, was performed lightly, and the subsequent triple lutz + triple toe loop combination jump was also unshakable안전놀이터. In this skill, Hae-in Lee received 11.53 points, a combination of the basic score (10.1 points) and the execution score (1.43 points). Her final jump, a triple flip, also landed cleanly, earning her a performance score of 1.36.

As an ‘all-rounder’, the non-jumping element was also perfect. The flying camel spin, sit spin, and change foot combination spin were all rated at Level 4, the highest grade. Even in the long-term step sequence, he did not miss level 4. In particular, the step sequence received a high performance score of 1.62 points.

Sakamoto, the winner of the World Championships, finished second with 72.69 points. Third place was taken by Isabeau Levito (USA) with 71.22 points.

Cha Jun-hwan, who challenged the men’s single short program that followed, received 101.33 points, a combination of 54.7 technical points (TES) and 46.63 points artistic points (PCS). Cha Jun-hwan also broke the previous personal best score of 99.64 points set at the World Championships last month.

Cha Jun-hwan played in the 11th order among 12 men’s single short program players. He started the match to the ‘Michael Jackson Medley’, a short program song this season.

He showed off a good start by cleanly running the quadruple salcho with outstanding distance. With just this jump, Cha Jun-hwan received 13.3 points, a combination of a basic score of 9.7 and an execution score of 3.6. He also did the triple lutz + triple loop combination jump without any major mistakes. The last jump, the triple axel, also landed cleanly, earning a high performance score of 2.29.

In the flying camel spin, change sit spin, and change foot combination spin, he ‘swept’ level 4. The light step sequence was also rated at level 4.

Cha Jun-hwan broke the 100 mark for the first time in the short program. However, the first place went to ‘Jump Machine’ Ilya Malinin (USA). He succeeded in quadruple + triple combination jump, quadruple toe loop, and triple axel, and took first place in the men’s single short program with 105.9 points. Kevin Aimoz (France), who scored 100.58, came in third.

Sihyung Lee ranked 10th in male singles with a score of 77.24.

Haina Lim and Quanye, who competed in the Ice Dance Rhythm Dance, finished in 6th place, the lowest among the 6 participating groups, with a score of 69.96. However, she pocketed the 7 points awarded for 6th place in the ice dance.

Pairs receive 12 points for the first place and 7 points for the bottom in the short program and free skating, and ice dance, rhythm dance and free dance, respectively. Pairs and Ice Dance will feature one team from each country. 1st place group gets 12 points, 2nd place 11 points, 3rd place 10 points, 4th place 9 points, 5th place 8 points, bottom 6th place 7 points.

Lin Haena-Quanye won the silver medal at the Junior World Championships this season. They made their senior debut in the Team Trophy.

Korea ranked 2nd in men’s singles (11 points), 10th (3 points), 1st in women’s singles (12 points), 7th (6 points), 6th in ice dancing (7 points), and 1st with a combined score of 39. USA (50) After that, he came in 2nd place in the middle ranking. Japan, the favorite for the championship, finished third with 36 points.

Meanwhile, figure skating ‘Team Korea’ will participate in the women’s single free skating, pair short program, and ice dance free dance on the 14th.

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