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“Korean technology is so amazing”… The whole world is excited, what kind of technology is it?

LG display technology was once again recognized on the international stage. LG Display’s research achievements were selected as ‘Excellent Papers of the Year’ by the International Society for Information Display ( SID ).

On the 21st, LG Display announced that it received the SID Excellent Paper Award for its research results on 80-inch or larger super-large organic light emitting diode 안전놀이터( OLED ) and stretchable display technology. Every year , SID awards the Best Paper Award to the top 20 papers out of 500 papers submitted by display researchers around the world. The research team led by Shin Hong-jae , a research fellow at LG Display , introduced the technology under the theme of ‘new concept ultra-large OLED for premium TV ‘ and received the Best Paper Award. The ultra-large OLED research team was praised for leading OLED innovation by improving panel and driving technology and improving organic light emitting device performance. The research team of the Prior Art Research Institute has developed a high-resolution micro light emitting diode ( LED) .

) stretchable display’, and won the best paper award based on the research results. Last year, it developed a 12-inch stretchable display that increased the screen by up to 20% while realizing high resolution and color comparable to that of regular monitors.

Meanwhile, LG Display also introduced a third-generation OLED TV panel with meta technology. Meta technology combines an ultra-fine lens that maximizes light emission from organic materials and a luminance enhancement algorithm. Through this, the 3rd generation OLED TV panel realized 2100 nits, the brightest among existing OLED TVs , while improving energy efficiency by 22%. One nit is the brightness of one candle.

“We will further strengthen our technological leadership through the development of ultra-large and ultra-high-definition displays and innovative form factors that provide innovative customer value,” said Yoon Soo-young , chief technology officer ( CTO and vice president) of LG Display .

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