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‘King of Clay’ Nadal, Possibility of Participating in Roland Garos Well?

Rafael Nadal (Spain), who won the French Open a record 14 times in his career, has less than two weeks left before the start of the tournament, and his chances of participating are gradually disappearing.  

As usual, Nadal is in the style of gradually improving his condition by participating in clay season competitions.

He did not participate in the Monte Carlo Masters and Madrid Open, and gave up the Italian Open, saying, “I still need time to adapt.” According to the report of the French magazine L’Equipe, the Bordeaux Challenger, which started on May 14, offered a wild card, but Nadal rejected it as well.

As the opportunity for a warm-up event before Roland Garros is gone, if you compete in the French Open, you have to go straight to the actual match without rehearsal. It is doubtful whether Nadal will be able to overcome his 4-month hiatus at once.  

Nadal had won his 14th title last 안전놀이터year at Roland Garros by competing on painkillers for a nerve in his leg. Fans are paying attention to whether Nadal, who has experienced setbacks in the past and revived, will be able to celebrate his 37th birthday on the Roland Garros Court this year.

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