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Kim Seung-jun, MVP of his debut season… Yoo Chang-hyeok is Da Seung-sang

 Kim Seung-joon, 9th dan, became the MVP in his debut season. Excluding the first year of the Senior Baduk League, the MVP of the debut season is the second after Cho Chi-hoon, 9th Dan in 2017.

At the Pyun Kang-bae 2022 Senior Baduk League awards ceremony held at the Korea Kiwon Competition Hall on the afternoon of the 15th, Kim Seung-joon, 9th Dan, won 100% of the press vote and 76.85% of the internet vote, beating the competing candidates by an overwhelming margin and winning the top prize.

9th dan Kim Seung-joon, who took his first steps in the senior league, led his team, Goyang City, to 1st place with 11 wins and 3 losses in the regular season, and won 2 wins in the championship match, giving the team the championship trophy.

Thanks to the great success of captain Kim Seung-jun 9th Dan, Goyang City won the combined championship in the first year of its founding and received a prize of 30 million won. In addition, 15 million won was awarded to KH Energy in second place, 15 million won to Star Yeongcheon in third place, and 5 million won to Data Streams in fourth place. 토토

The multiple wins awarded based on regular season performance went to Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th dan, who recorded 13 wins and 1 loss. Yoo Chang-hyeok’s 9th-dan winning streak is three years in a row, and this is the second time since the 2020 season that he won the single award. Coach Han Cheol-kyun, who directed Goyang City’s combined victory, won the Best Director Award.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the awards ceremony was held briefly for about 40 minutes, including watching the competition video, greetings, individual and group awards, and commemorative photos.

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