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Kim Jun-ho and Kim Min-sun, speed skating 500m ‘golden run’

These Korean men and women’s 500m are raging even more in the 2022-2023 season International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup series. In each competition, news of victory came, and in the 4th competition, both men and women succeeded in winning. 토토

Among them, Kim Jun-ho (27, Gangwon-do Office) in the men’s division won the men’s 500m division A (first division) at the 4th World Cup held at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, Canada on the 18th with a personal record of 34.07 seconds. After starting in the group 8 in-course, he ran the first 100m section in 9.46 seconds, 2nd place overall, and increased his speed further. After checking his record, Kim Jun-ho raised his arms and roared.

With this, Kim Jun-ho enjoyed the joy of winning a gold medal three years after the first World Cup competition in the 2019-2020 season held in November 2019. Kim Jun-ho added 60 World Cup points and scored 184 points, rising to third in the world rankings after Laurent Dubreuy (Canada, 222 points) and Murakami Yuma (Japan, 186 points).

The day before, the news of the victory of the ‘New Empress of Ice’, who had delivered victory news throughout the season, was delivered again. Kim Min-seon (23, Uijeongbu City Hall) won the women’s 500m Division A (first division) championship with a record of 36.96 seconds. Kim Min-seon was the only one out of 20 players who participated in the game to break the record of 36 seconds, raising the possibility of challenging the world record (36 seconds 36) set by Lee Sang-hwa in 2013.

With this, Kim Min-sun vomited the spirit of winning all four World Cup series this season. Including the ISU Four Continents Championships held at the beginning of this month, it is the fifth consecutive top-ranking in ISU international competitions. Kim Min-seon added 60 of her World Cup points, and marked a total of 240 points to remain at the top of the rankings. It is 50 points away from Utah Leyrdham (Netherlands, 190 points), which is second in the rankings.