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Kim Hyun-joon, who prepared harder than anyone else, that’s why he was injured more

Samsung Lions Kim Hyeon-joon (22) showed off his presence by not missing the opportunity he seized as a free agent (FA) transfer for Park Hae-min (LG Twins), who was the immovable starting center fielder last year. He gained momentum and completed the finish camp and this year’s spring camp. Although there were no home runs in 118 games in the first full-time season (2022), expectations were high this year as he recorded a batting average of 0.275 (100 hits in 363 at-bats), 22 RBIs, an on-base percentage of 0.365, and showed impeccable center field defense.

However, he suffered an unexpected injury. On the 19th, after playing one at-bat in an exhibition game against KT Wiz in Daegu, he felt pain in his right wrist. Three months are expected before his return. It’s news like a thunderstorm for the team as well as the person himself안전놀이터. Depending on the performance of this season, the selection of the Hangzhou Asian Games team in September 2022 was worth a look, so there is no choice but to be disappointed.

The reason Kim Hyun-joon’s injury is even more regrettable is that he prepared for the new season with more sweat than anyone else. It was such an intense training that he even said, “I thought I was going to die.” He said, “I felt a lot through the last season, so I tried to manage myself hard. He took care of eating, sleeping, and resting as well as basic physical training,” he said. “Director (Park Jin-man) always emphasizes that first place is the goal. I promised myself that I would run with the goal of becoming number one.” That’s how strong he was.

The past cannot be brought back. You have to find a way to come back in a better shape. The rehabilitation period after surgery is a battle with oneself. The yoke bone is a part that is affected a lot when hitting, so when the ball is hit, the resonance is transmitted as it is. If you rush to come back in an imperfect state, you can cause more anger. The recovery process is so important. Kim Hyun-joon, who is always serious about baseball, knows this very well.

The search for a replacement for Kim Hyun-joon must also be done quickly. Currently, Lee Seong-gyu, who is running for the first place (3) in home runs in the demonstration game, is likely to get a chance. It won’t be easy to fill the gap in Kim Hyun-jun’s defense right away, but he’s a strong candidate who can add enough strength to the other line.

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