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“Kim Ha-seong signed long-term, has talent to go to San Diego PS” Confidence of 1285 billion won PIT right-hander

“I believe the Core Group’s Ha-Sung Kim has the talent to sign a long-term contract and reach the postseason.”

Joe Musgrove (31, San Diego Padres), who boasts a five-year, $100 million (approximately 12.85 billion won) contract, expressed his trust in his teammates. “Whether the Padres sell or not, I believe the core group of Ha-Sung Kim, Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. have the talent to get to the postseason with long-term contracts,” Musgrove told the San Diego Union-Tribune on Nov. 21 (ET).

San Diego is 46-51, fourth in the National League West and sixth in the National League wild-card race. They are 6.5 games behind the third-place Philadelphia Phillies. Making the postseason isn’t easy. This is where Kim’s status in the eyes of his teammates came into play.온라인바카라

In the end, Musgrove said that Kim is a key member of the team that deserves a long-term contract like himself, Machado, and Tatis. He also wasn’t pessimistic about San Diego’s chances of making the postseason. It’s a disappointment compared to pre-season expectations, but it’s not time to give up.

“This is a really good team, whether you buy it or sell it,” Musgrove said. Realistically, with the team out of the running for the postseason, there have been reports in the local media that the team may be looking to sell. Some outlets have suggested that the team should trade Kim Ha-seong.

However, Musgrove said, “There are certain players that the organization will not sell. Blake Snell and Josh Hader will be free agents at the end of the year anyway. We’re not the same team without them, but we’re still a good team. (Talk of selling) That’s not a big concern. We think about winning every game and winning as many games as possible.”

In any case, the trade deadline is about ten days away. It’s almost time for San Diego brass to make a choice. Still, the general consensus is that San Diego is unlikely to go back into rebuilding mode overnight after building the roster they have in recent years.

“San Diego wants to be a buyer; they don’t want to be one of the biggest failures of the 21st century as they continue to fight for a postseason berth,” Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation’s Inside the Padres wrote.

But it did leave a lasting impression. “At some point, San Diego may have to deal stars like Snell and Hader,” Inside the Padres wrote. Regardless of San Diego’s stance, the two are classified as trade candidates as pending free agents.

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