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Joint 4th prize money of 250 million won Kim A-rim “There is a hole in my chest”

Last week, A-lim Kim (28), who tied for 4th at the Chevron Championship, the first major tournament of the 2023 season of the American Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour, said, “(I couldn’t win) I had a hole in my chest.” showed

Kim A-lim recalled the situation at the Chevron Championship in an interview with the KLPGA Championship (total prize money of 1.3 billion won), the first major tournament of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour season, which was broadcast on the SBS Golf YouTube channel on the 26th.

A-lim Kim took the lead alone in the second round of the Chevron Championship, which ended on the 24th, raising expectations for two wins on the LPGA Tour, but was unable to reduce the number of strokes in the third and fourth rounds, so she was pushed out of the championship competition and tied for fourth place.

As it is a major tournament with a large prize money for her, even if she missed her win, the joint 4th prize money given to Kim A-lim was $188,300 (approximately 250 million won). However, Kim A-lim said of her “there was a hole in her chest. Money is not important to her,” she said cheerfully, but also expressed her regret.

She said, “I prepared by pouring out everything I could, and I was confident, but I missed winning the tournament I was confident in.”

Although she did not win, A-lim Kim, who returned home after writing her first top 10 record this year, will immediately challenge to defend the KLPGA Championship title. She’s confident enough to say she’s looking forward to her short game and안전놀이터 shot feel coming up, she says.

He said, “I have played a lot at Lakewood Golf Course since I was a rookie and made a lot of mistakes,” and “I know where the ball should not go.”

In addition, he showed confidence in the par 5 hole. While playing on the KLPGA Tour, from 2018 to 2020, he won first place on the tour for three consecutive years, and on the LPGA Tour this year, he averaged 273.33 yards, ranking 18th in this category.

Players unanimously say that in the par 5 hole of Lakewood Golf Course, it is possible to attack two-on enough and reduce the number of strokes. Kim A-rim also smiled, saying, “The par 5 hole is advantageous to me,” and “Every time I go to the par 5 hole, the road is very exciting, so I try to refrain.”

Kim A-lim, who wears phantom products from clothing sponsor Chris F&C, said, “It is an honor to be the defending champion in the sponsor competition,” and said, “The goal is to defend the title.”

Kim A-rim starts the first round at 12:25 noon on the 27th with Choi Eun-woo (28), the winner last week, and Park Ji-young (27), the first in the prize money ranking.

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