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Jeong-hyeon, first comeback mismatch…”Satisfied with not being sick”

Men’s tennis player Jeong Hyeon (27), the main character of the ‘Australian Open Semifinals’, tried to win his first match after returning, but unfortunately failed. In the men’s professional tennis (ATP) Busan Open Challenger singles first round (Round of 32안전놀이터) held at the Geumjeong Sports Park tennis court in Busan on the 9th, Jung Hyun scored a set score of 1 against Japan’s Yasutaka Uchiyama (31, world No. 240) after 2 hours and 34 minutes. We lost to 2 (3-6 7-6<7-3> 2-6).

In 2018, for the first time in Korean tennis history, Chung Hyun, who had high expectations by advancing to the semifinals of the four major tournaments (Australia Open), suffered from a chronic back injury and struggled. After losing in the second round of the French Open men’s singles qualifying round in September 2020, there was no official singles participation record for more than two years as he was concentrating on rehabilitation. He did not have a world ranking itself, so he returned after 2 years and 7 months after receiving the right to participate as a ‘wild card’ in the ATP Seoul Open Challenger on the 26th of last month. He was eliminated in the first round at the time, but he was evaluated for returning and stretching by introducing a new stroke form that minimized back pain.

Jeong-hyeon, who received a wild card in this tournament, said, “I am a little disappointed that I did not win in the end, but I am satisfied because I did not have pain (back) even after playing for more than two hours. He will calmly review the schedule of overseas competitions and challenge the overseas tour again.”

Nam Ji-seong (30, Sejong City Hall, 523rd) lost to Gabriel Diallo (22, Canada, 162nd) 0-2, and Hong Seong-chan (26, Sejong City Hall, 184th) lost to Jason Leung (34, Taiwan, 319th). 0-1, but withdrew and lost due to wrist pain. Only Jeong Yoon-seong (25, Uijeongbu City Hall, 328th) defeated Woo Dong-lin (25, Taiwan, 181st) 2-0 and became the only Korean player to advance to the round of 16.

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