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Japanese spinning sushi ‘soy sauce bottle on tongue’ boy sued for 600 million won in damages

Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain Sushiro has filed a ¥67 million ($627 million) lawsuit for damages against a boy who videotaped himself licking a soy sauce bottle at one of its stores in January, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported토토사이트.

According to the report, the chain operator said in a complaint filed in March that the boy’s behavior “brought the hygiene management of each store into question and caused many customers to feel uncomfortable and disgusted. The impact is serious and we cannot ignore the problem.”

The sushi chain said it is taking measures to prevent similar inconveniences, such as installing acrylic boards, so the amount of compensation claims may increase.

The boy in question licked the spout of a soy sauce bottle at a sushi restaurant in January and filmed himself drooling on the merchandise, which went viral, causing fewer customers to visit the restaurant for a while and causing the parent company’s stock price to drop nearly 5% on the 31st of the same month.

In a response to the court in May, the boy’s family acknowledged their actions, saying they “spend every day reflecting on it,” but indicated they were willing to fight the case, saying they “could also consider competition from other stores as a reason for the decline in customers,” Yomiuri reports.

Meanwhile, as videos of customers like the boy, who were filmed performing embarrassing acts such as touching sushi with saliva-covered fingers or putting horseradish on sushi at Japanese conveyor belt restaurants, have gone viral on social media, some businesses have taken steps to respond by installing cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI).

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