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“It’s the hardest thing after debut”… The watch of the lion corps that runs busily, sweat never betrays

“It’s the hardest thing after debuting.”

The Samsung Lions, led by coach Park Jin-man, have set up a spring camp training ground in Okinawa, Japan since the 1st, and are preparing for the 2023 season with hard sweat.

In Samsung,토토사이트 both the 1st and 2nd teams prepared for the 2023 season in Japan. The 1st group trained in Okinawa and the 2nd group trained in Ishikawa, and the Futures team returned to Korea on the 26th.

Samsung hasn’t been able to do this lately. After finishing runner-up in the Korean Series in 2015, he failed to advance to fall baseball for five consecutive years from 2016 to 2020. In 2021, he seemed to be trying to rebound by succeeding in second place in the regular league and advancing to the playoffs, but he tasted the bitter taste of falling again last season.

In the process, head coach Heo Sam-young resigned, and Futures coach Park Jin-man at the time took over as acting coach. He succeeded in managing the team well and was appointed as the 16th coach with a not bad record of 28 wins and 22 losses.

Coach Park Jin-man practiced more difficult hell training than ever during the finishing camp held after the end of last season. The players who went to the finishing camp all said, “It was really hard.”

This spring camp is no different from the finishing training. Rather, it would have been difficult if it was harder, but the intensity of training and the amount of training everyone was surprised to stick out their tongues. “Looking at our team structure and basic tone, it is an era where young players and existing players have to compete. Players must have a mindset. Training will be difficult,” he foreshadowed the hell training before the spring camp, but he was not wrong.

Samsung is conducting a spring camp with a 4-day training-1 day rest system. From morning until dinner, an uninterrupted schedule awaits the players. Except for the night before the rest day, night training is also conducted without missing. The bats of hitters such as Kim Heon-gon and Kim Dong-yeop, who are dreaming of a revival, as well as Kim Ji-chan, Lee Jae-hyeon, and Kim Hyeon-jun, who are called the future of Samsung, returned without a break even at night.

Coaches as well as players are giving up their breaks and sweating with the players. KBO batting legend head coach Lee Byeong-gyu and Park Han-i, hitting coach, looked at each hitter’s form and gave them heartfelt advice. Not only the two coaches, but all the leaders belonging to Samsung sweated as if they had gone back to their playing days. The same goes for the pitching team.

Catcher Kim Jae-seong said, “I am now in my 9th year as a pro, and training is really difficult. seems the hardest From the finish camp until now, the momentum has not been easy,” he said. It helps the players. Thank you. Thank you for being there for us from early in the morning until late in the evening.”

Infielder Kim Ji-chan also said, “Coaches come next to each player and tell them how to hit well. There is a saying that

sweat does not betray. They are the players of the Lion Corps who overcome hard training with tenacity and passion and wait for a bright tomorrow. Today’s sweat can become tomorrow’s sweet fruit. I hope the sweat and tears shed now will become tears of joy for Samsung fans.

Meanwhile, Samsung, which had only practiced against Japanese teams so far, is scheduled to hold practice matches against domestic teams from the 28th. A total of five practice matches will be held, including the Lotte Giants on the 28th and the KIA Tigers on March 1st. And I plan to return to Korea on the morning of March 10th.

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