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‘It’s like a rookie!’ A stealer, a catcher, a catcher’s mitt, and a catcher’s mitt… Bae Ji-hwan does ‘one’ almost every game

Not all major leaguers are perfect토토사이트, especially rookies, who make mistakes. This can be due to inexperience or overconfidence.

Bae is 23 years old. He’s actually a major league rookie. It can be a learning process.

However, the major leagues are not as forgiving as the minor leagues, so you need to cut down on your mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll be considered a “half-assed” player. Your salary will drop by half.

Teams use WAR (wins above replacement) as a metric to evaluate a player’s value. It quantifies this by combining hitting, running, and defense.

According to Baseball-Reference, Bae’s WAR is 0.0 as of March 28. Not long ago, it was negative. Considering his dynamic play, that’s pretty stingy. Kim Ha-seong, who has a lower batting average than Bae, already has a WAR of 2.0. That’s because of his defense.

Bae has already committed seven errors this season. Kim has three.

On offense, Bae is playing with quick feet, but he’s also making a lot of mistakes. He often fails to steal bases and is thrown out by the pitcher. He also tends to get overzealous and make baserunning mistakes. Almost every game, he’s doing something offensively and defensively.

He’s still a rookie, so it’s easy to forgive him. In fact, the Pittsburgh Pirates don’t have many options to replace Bae. With shortstop Oniel Cruz out for an extended period of time due to injury, Bae’s presence is becoming increasingly important.

However, mistakes are a problem. He needs to work on his baserunning and defense.

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