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Individual highest score of 14′ Kim Jin-yong, thanks to learning well at KCC?

“I didn’t get a chance at KCC, but my teammates, coach, and coach told me with a lot of affection during the offseason.”

Goyang Carrot lost 68-85 against Changwon LG on the 17th. The long-term 3-point shot only succeeded 5 times, which is the minimum for the team season. Compared to the usual 12 or more, it is a game that lost 21 points. Of course, it was hard to beat.

In the midst of this,온라인바카라 Kim Jin-yong posted 14 points (2 rebounds and 1 assist), the most since his professional debut.

Kim Jin-yong scored a total of 12 points in nine games before this day. Kim Jin-yong, who moved from KCC to Carrot on the 1st, scored more goals on this day than in his previous 9 games.

When Kim Jin-yong, who met after the game with LG, said that he had been on the court for a long time after a long time, he said, “I was not nervous. What the director ordered was brief. Carrot basketball, in a way, has a clear and accurate role in NBA style, and the hyungs have given me a lot of advice. It was clear what I should do and what I should not do,” he said. I was focused on doing it. He laughed, saying, “It was like the D-League, except it had foreign players.”

After moving to Carrot, he played for 2 minutes and 53 seconds in the match against Suwon KT on the 10th. It was his first appearance this season. On this day, he walked the court for 17 minutes and 51 seconds. He must have lost his sense of actual fighting, but he performed the best since his debut.

Kim Jin-yong said, “I haven’t had a chance to show off (skills) since my debut. So, if I were to give my score, it would be 30 points.” He even explained why.

“My team had no choice but to score points, even from the outside, I abandoned myself and Lee Jung-hyun and Jeon Seong-hyun hyung, both foreign players (LG’s) 4 went to help defense. Then I’m unconditionally open, and even if I’m not very good, the players pass very well. So the number of goals goes up and down.

Rather, the foul came out because I was one beat late in the roles I really had to play, such as defense, rebounding, and helping our foreign players. There were defensive mistakes, and I missed 3 or 4 rebounds that were within reach. That’s what I have to do well. It’s a pity that I couldn’t do the part that I should do well. If we had done that, the score difference would have been more close.

Park Jin-cheol, who played well in the last game, was out due to an injury (7:52 in the 2nd quarter, torn forehead). I was still preparing. I tried to compete in good faith because Jincheol is doing well, and I should have overcome the burden because Jincheol was not there (I couldn’t), but that part is regrettable. If I catch one more ball (rebound) at an important moment, I feel like I want to move one more step.”

Regarding the part where he gave up a lot of points to Kim Jin-yong, LG coach Jo Sang-hyun said, “While preparing for defense, it was okay to match with Didric Lawson or Jeon Seong-hyun and concede to Park Jin-cheol and Kim Jin-yong. He did as he prepared for the defense,” he said. “I used Kim Jun-il a little more. I used less rotation and used two big men (two foreign players and Kim Jun-il), but it was rather better when I rotated the rotation. If (the opposing team’s) number 4 falls outside, it is more difficult for us,” said Kim Jin-yong, who gave a similar opinion.

Nevertheless, finding an empty seat is both easy and difficult.

Kim Jin-yong said, “There is such a thing. I hope you put it in the interview. I didn’t get a chance at KCC, but my colleagues, the coach, and the coach told me with a lot of love during the offseason. But the reason why I couldn’t step on the regular league court was that there were good players up there, but I couldn’t play because I couldn’t do it correctly. I had a chance. (If you did what you ordered), even a backup would have run. KCC kept telling me about that, and I kept polishing it,” he said. “Jaehyun Park, who came with Carrot, taught me a lot again. I didn’t spend much time with Carrot because I already had a lot at KCC, my older brothers helped me over the years, and the coaching staff told me about it (I was able to do well), but when basketball is all about pick games and spacers, that’s it. I already knew that part, and I was able to make good moves under the goal because I had a conversation with the players.”

The reason Kim Jin-yong caught my eye was the fluorescent basketball shoes. Kim Jin-yong said that he wears fluorescent-colored basketball shoes because he can recognize his fans when he sees them playing in the D-League on video.

The season is coming to a close, but with Cho Jae-woo also injured, Kim Jin-yong will continue to receive opportunities to play.

Kim Jin-yong said, “I hope this part is also included. There is a part where I am different from other players and stand out a little bit. Even on vacation, I do personal broadcasting, but a lot of people like me, not just playing basketball. Today (17th), everyone cheered me on. I am grateful for that,” he said. “I want to prove it through basketball during the season. I received a lot of good lessons from KCC. As soon as I arrived at Carrot, the manager, coaches, players, and even the office welcomed me. He said, ‘Welcome, opportunity will come’, and I felt that they needed me from the first day I came. So I was able to exercise with great enthusiasm. KCC, Carrot, I am truly grateful to the various fans who personally support me. I hope I can show that gratitude a lot on the court. I have to show it properly so that I can show my charm in various parts.”

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