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 Incheon announces 10-year plan to challenge championship… Talent development, fan-centeredness, data emphasis

Incheon United, which celebrated its 20th anniversary, revealed plans for the next 10 years.

Incheon held a launch ceremony for the 2023 season at the Songdo Global Campus Auditorium in Incheon. Incheon CEO Jeon Jeon-soo, coach Cho Seong-hwan, and all members of the club, including players, gathered. 1,800 fans attended the start of the season. 

Jeon Jeon-soo, CEO,토토사이트 revealed the 10-year plan in front of Incheon members. As a citizen club, Incheon has several limitations in running the club. In particular, financial support is inevitably less than that of corporate clubs. In fact, Incheon’s personnel expenses for the players are less than half of those of Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai, the second best players in the K-League 1. Last season, Jeonbuk spent about 19.7 billion won, Ulsan 17.6 billion won, and Incheon 8.8 billion won. 

As much as you invest, it is inevitable that you fall behind if you lack investment in an era where grades come out. For the next 10 years, Incheon prioritizes sports value (sports value through victory, championship, and talent development), business value (value as a company through sales and profit generation), and social value (social value through CSR and coexistence with related regions). Rank up and challenge the limits.

CEO Jeon Jeon-soo said, “I don’t think it’s right for a citizen team to spend a lot of money and win. He is confident that he has found a way to win (win) without spending that much. I am confident that we can challenge for the championship.” 

He came up with three strategies. The first is data-based team management. It plans to systematically operate the squad through collaboration with the world’s best data field companies. The second is the formation of a fan-centered organization, and the third is the development of local talent in Incheon. 

CEO Jeon Jeon-soo said, “We cannot continue to recruit players with high scores. We need to create a virtuous cycle by nurturing the younger generation under the leadership of the bishop. That way, Incheon will be able to settle into the lead.”

Founded in 2003, Incheon ended the season in 4th place last year and advanced to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League for the first time in club history. Incheon dreams of growing into a team that can consistently compete for championships while becoming an exemplary citizen team. 

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