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In which category is Ryu Hyun-jin, the ‘Wizard of the 9th Ball’, ahead of Maddox? 

Lefty Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays) pitches with the attitude of “I would rather get a hit than give up a walk.” Among the major leaguers produced by Korea, there are few pitchers with as good control as Ryu Hyun-jin.

Major League legend Greg Maddux is called ‘the wizard of the ball’ in Korea. His nicknames in America go through ‘Mad Dog’ and ‘Professor’. From the professor’s nickname, you can get a glimpse of Maddox’s pitching style of identifying, researching, and throwing opponents. The nickname of Kyle Hendricks (33) of the Chicago Cubs, who uses exquisite changes, is also ‘Professor’. Hendricks is called ‘the next Greg Maddox’.

Maddox’s pitch can be seen by whether or not he allowed a walk. He started a total of 740 games during his 23 years in the MLB. Of these, 236 games were no walks. He led 31.9% in no-free pass games. Maddox pitched the most innings in the National League for five consecutive years (1991-1994). In the 1994 season with the Atlanta Braves, he threw a season-high 209.2 innings while allowing only 23 walks. 3 of these are intentional 4 pitches. Based on 9 innings, the walk allowed was 1.0. Of course, it’s the lowest in the league.

In the 1997 season, when he led the team with a win rate of 0.846 with 19 wins and 4 losses, he showed off a more formidable command. He gave up 20 walks in 232.2 innings pitched. There are 6 intentional 4 balls. Based on 9 innings, the free pass was only 0.8, which was also the lowest in MLB. His strikeout-to-walk ratio of 8.85 that year was MLB’s leading.

There’s a reason the game moves so quickly when Maddox is on the mound. Hitters attacked quickly when they entered the strike zone. Because he can’t get a walk. For 23 years in his career, he ranked first in terms of minimum walks per 9 innings in a season nine times. This is why it is known as the magician of the ninth. 먹튀검증

Ryu Hyun-jin, who made his MLB debut in 2013, started 174 games before undergoing elbow ligament surgery last year. Of these, 37 games were no-four-ball games. It is 21.2%. Compared to Maddox, he falls far behind. However, 21.2% of domestic players have a very high rate of no free passes. No walks are the driving force behind a career ERA of 3.24.

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