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“I’m so embarrassed, I won’t watch it”…the daughter of an international top model mother reacts unexpectedly

A photo released by the British newspaper Daily Mail has gone viral as part of an update on the latest happenings of international top model Irina Shayk (37).

On Aug. 8 (local time), the Daily Mail published a photo of Irina taking her young daughter to school.

The photo was taken in Manhattan, New York City, and shows Irina picking up her daughter, Leah de Sain Cooper, 6, in front of the school she attends.

In the photo, Irina wears a figure-baring outfit.

Wearing a dark blue denim jacket and skinny jeans with leather detailing, she wore only a black bra underneath, showing off her toned abs.

But it wasn’t Irina’s outfit that made the news, it was her daughter’s reaction.

Ria looked at her mom, bowed her head slightly, and covered her face with her right hand.

Perhaps embarrassed by her mother’s outfit, Irina buttoned up her jacket a short time later.

When the photo was released, netizens commented안전놀이터, “She looks like a top model,” “Her reaction is so cute,” “I would be proud of her,” and more.

Born in 1986, Irina is famous in Korea for her past relationship with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. She began dating actor Bradley Cooper in 2015 and welcomed daughter Lia in 2017, but the couple split in June 2019. Shaq and Cooper continue to co-parent their daughter.

In June 2021, Irina was spotted on a trip to France with rapper Kanye West, but the romance ended after a month, and on March 25, she was spotted on a yacht with actor Leonardo DiCaprio, sparking speculation, but the two are reportedly longtime friends.

She also attended the 76th Cannes International Film Festival, which concluded on March 27, and drew attention for her colorful dress.

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