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“I left a 900 million annual salary, but I still can’t come to my senses.” Korean negligence and even a ‘boycott’?

“Korea is more and more neglected.”

The fact that the global internet broadcasting platform ‘Twitch’ recently revised its terms and conditions in a way that is unfavorable to streamers is known, and the industry is agitated. The possibility of large-scale Twitch departures by domestic streamers, which began last year due to poor quality, raised its head again.

According to the industry on the 12th, Twitch revised the ‘terms for simultaneous transmission and advertisement’ on the 6th. Through the revised terms and conditions, Twitch announced that “simultaneous live broadcasting or안전놀이터 broadcasting (simultaneous transmission) cannot be conducted without prior written permission on Twitch-like services.”

This is disastrous news for Twitch streamers who have been making money not only through Twitch but also through YouTube live. This is because if you transmit only on a single platform, you can reduce the amount of profit.

As concerns about deteriorating profitability grew, ‘Calm Man’, famous as a Twitch representative streamer and webtoon writer, also took a position. In a broadcast that took place on the 10th, Calm Man said, “If simultaneous transmission on Twitch is not possible, we will try to (transmit) on YouTube.”

Regarding the remarks of the calm man, the industry believes that the ‘simultaneous transmission ban’ can lead to a large-scale departure of streamers. This is because there is a precedent in which a large-scale breakaway occurred when Twitch limited the maximum quality to 720p last year and banned broadcast replays. At the time, major streamers such as ‘Yang Ding’, a streamer famous for ‘Minecraft’ content, moved their activity platforms to Afreeca TV .

In response, Afreeca TV CEO Jeong Chan-yong said in a live broadcast concurrent with the announcement of 4th quarter results, “The number of BJs who moved from Twitch to Afreeca TV is not in the unit of tens, but in the unit of hundreds,” and evaluated it as “a fairly meaningful number.” In fact , the massive influx of African TV by Twitch streamers was fully reflected in the first quarter sales of African TV . Platform sales, including star balloons and subscriptions, reached 60.5 billion won, the highest ever. 5 billion compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, it was reported that the annual income of the top 1% streamers, who are expected to have a big impact upon transfer, far exceeds hundreds of millions of won. According to Daishin Securities, the annual income of the top 1% streamers on Twitch is about 250 million won. In the case of Africa, the annual star balloon (real-time donation) income of the top 1% BJ is known to be 900 million won on average.

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