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I even wrote ‘Kim Ha-s’… A Dark Horse Appears in the Gold Glove Competition

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong (28) is showing the best performance and is having a successful third year in ML. His batting ability exploded, including his first home run with bases, and he is now being mentioned as an MVP candidate.

However, in the second baseman Gold Glove competition, the trend is rather the opposite. Even before the All-Star break, they had an overwhelming edge over their competitors. It was at the stage where the fans were convinced that “(in the list of winners) it was as if ‘Kim Ha-s’ had already been written.”

But lately, unusual signs have begun to appear. Of course, there is no change in the status of ‘the most powerful candidate’. But a new competitor has emerged and is rapidly closing the gap. This is the appearance of the dark horse.

According to the data released last week by the American Baseball Research Association (SABR), Ha-seong Kim took the lead with SDI ‘8.3’ in the National League second baseman category. The SDI (SABR Defensive Index) is an index that measures the Gold Glove award. The tally is announced once a month, and Kim Ha-seong has been holding a solid first place since the beginning of the season. He took a close three-point lead over second-place tiero Estrada (SF Giants).

However, the pattern was different in the August tally. First of all, the face of the competitor has changed. Estrada (SDI 4.8) slipped to fifth place. Instead, new pursuers appeared. Bryson Stadt (6.4) of the Phillies, Nico Horner (5.7) of the Cubs, and Bryce Tourang (5.7) of the Brewers rose.

Changes in SDI for second baseman in the National League for 3 months from June to August SABR (SABR)

Among them, you should pay attention to the run of the second-ranked Stat. The difference between 1st place Kim Ha-seong and SDI is only 1.9. That’s the closest we’ve come this year.

Above all, the trend is unusual. First of all, Kim Ha-seong is at a standstill. It only increased by 0.3 from July (8.0). Previously, it was up about 2.0 per month. On the other hand, the stag comes up with terrifying momentum. Until June, it stayed in 6th place with 1.3. However, it is a sharp rise from 4.0 in July to 6.4 in August. At some point, it emerged as a threat.

He joined the Phillies with the 1st draft (14th overall) in 2019, and his original position is shortstop. He was upgraded with the move to second base this year with the addition of Trey Turner. He established a franchise record with an opening 17-game hitting streak. He is admired by Philadelphia fans as the successor to Chase Utley for his agile and stable defense.

The ML Gold Glove awards are based on defense. The voting group is made up of 30 club managers and coaches (up to 6 people per team), and you cannot vote for your own team players. Here, a device was created to prevent the tendency to follow the name value. Since 2013, objectivity has been improved by adding up SDI. Winners are determined by dividing 25% of SDI into 75% of the voting results.

In addition, SDI data is provided monthly to the voting members. means to note. Therefore, it should be seen that this figure directly or indirectly affects the award. In the case of last year, the AL pitcher, and the NL pitcher, third baseman, and shortstop, the golden glove for the rest of the positions matched the SDI first place. 14 out of 18, which is a 77.8% agreement rate.

As it was premised, there is no change in the fact that Ha-seong Kim is a strong candidate. However, there is a concern that a new competitor has appeared, and considering the trend, it will pose a different threat than before. In addition, the performance of the affiliated team can also affect the judgment of the voting group. The Phillies are leading the wild card and are likely to advance to the PS.스포츠토토

Of course, it is true that the value of Kim Ha-sung has risen markedly in the last 2-3 months. This is because he is on the right track from defense and running to batting. Thanks to that, it is also a good thing that his name is mentioned in the MVP level, which is much higher than the Gold Glove.

However, it is a title that cannot be given up. None of the Asian infielders have yet won the award. It is the first time in history, and the honor of being unanswered. In fact, an MVP candidate sounds good, but the odds are slim. On the other hand, Gold Gloves are like cash. It becomes a realistic and certain career.

Above all, it is a race that has been considered a strong candidate throughout the season. There should be no endgame reversal allowed. It is a phase that requires a meticulous and sincere finish.

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