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“I didn’t see it coming” baffles researchers…hard to inspect while standing still

Today’s communications issue is something that hasn’t happened in rehearsals토토사이트, let alone during the first and second launches, and it’s baffling the team. Right now, the Nuri is still upright and being inspected, but it can’t stay upright forever, so it’s important to find the cause of the problem quickly.

Reporter Koohee Jung reports.


At the launch site of the Nuri, there is an umbilical tower, which means umbilical cord.

The umbilical tower supplies fuel, oxidizer, and power to the Nuri.

It also supplies helium to maintain pressure in the oxidizer tanks, but here’s where we ran into a problem.

Once the helium is delivered from the outside of the Nuri using a tube, a valve is opened to release the remaining helium in the tube.

This valve is operated by wired communication, but the valve does not open.

But it was opened manually, so we think it’s a software or computer-to-computer communication problem.

The researchers were also unexpected because it was the same equipment used for the first and second launches.

[Choi Jung-hwan/Hang Woo-yeon, head of the Korean Launch Vehicle Advanced Development Project: This is a problem that we rehearsed many times in preparation for this launch, and it didn’t occur even during that process].

Since the problem is with the external equipment and not with the inside of the Nuri, Hangwooyon is keeping the Nuri upright for inspection.

During the last launch, there was a problem with the oxidizer level sensor inside Nuri, and the launch was delayed by five days to move it back to the assembly building.

But Nuri can’t stay upright forever.

Nuri carries the Next Generation Small Satellite No. 2, developed by KAIST at a cost of 24 billion won, and its batteries are gradually discharging.

It can physically survive for about a week, but if the launch delay is prolonged, Nuri will need to be put back down to recharge the satellite’s power.

Nuri’s preliminary launch window is from tomorrow, May 25, to May 31, after which it will have to be rescheduled to account for space object collisions, weather, etc.

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