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I chose experience over injury risk, ‘3rd year’ Yasmin “I really wanted to go back to Korea”

Pepper Savings Bank chose ‘Experienced’ Yasmin Bedart (27, USA). Although he is still not in perfect condition, he decided to go with the risk of injury, trusting his experience.

Pepper Savings Bank nominated Yasmin as the second overall pick in the tryout held in Istanbul, Turkey on the 13th (Korean time).

In this tryout, Yasmin did not participate in the evaluation because her body was not perfect after the surgery, and only warmed up.

Yasmin wore a Hyundai E&C uniform for the 2021-2022 season. That year, he led the regular league 1st place, and also led the league’s early winning streak in the 2022-2023 season, but dropped out in December last year due to a back injury. Later, as a substitute mercenary, Ibone Montaño, a former top scorer in the Swiss league, was recruited, but he did not show as much performance as Yasmin and he left after the season.

Yasmin, who shows off her threatening power, is an offensive card worth trying at least once for the club. Although the team has slanted due to his injury, his unique strong serve is an attractive point.

Pepper Savings Bank chose Yasmin. He believed in experience.

Coach Aachen Kim said, “I thought it would be helpful for a young club like us to have a V-League veteran entering the third year. I think he can play the role of a veteran as a player. It is not common for foreign players to be classified as veterans in Korea. There are cases where foreign players play up to the second year, but there are not many안전놀이터 players who have played up to the third year,” he explained the background of the nomination. .

Regarding the risk of injury, “No matter who you choose, the risk is the same. Yesterday, during an interview with the club and the player, I asked where he was rehabilitated, and he said that he was rehabilitating in a famous and reliable place in LA, USA. He said that even an injury can be fully recovered in 6 months.” Yasmin is a veteran professional player and knows what to do. I chose this because I know she has a professional mindset,” and believed that she would come in perfect shape.

Yasmin is also very determined. He said, “After I suffered a back injury and learned that I would recover, I had the desire to go back to Korea. It’s my third year, but the first year was suspended due to Corona 19, and the second year was not finished due to a back injury. This time, I must go back and finish the whole. I wanted to do it,” he said, burning his will to play the full-time season.

He is also working hard in rehab. He emphasized that his condition will recover until he joins the team sufficiently. Yasmin emphasized, “Regarding the spine, I have fully recovered, and I am focusing on increasing my strength and things like that. Looking at the overall timeline, I think my body will be up until the point of joining. It will be up a lot for the two months until August.” did.

When asked about the evaluation of Pepper Savings Bank, Yasmin said, “I think it is a team that is always improving. It is a team that has grown steadily from the first time I played against it to the last time I faced it. It is a team that gets better and better as I train. I hope I can help the team by going there.” said.

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