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“I bought flower crabs from OO ports, but I don’t know”…a story that caused a stir among users

“The crabs are dead an hour after being put in ice, and their legs are missing.”

A consumer who purchased blue crabs at a seafood market in Pogu, Incheon, reported that they were replaced with dead crabs with few legs.

The consumer, who said he lives in Incheon, posted a post titled “OO Pogu Blue Crab Purchase Review” and one photo on an online community on March 21.

“While living in Incheon, I haven’t visited OO Pogu in recent years안전놀이터, and I don’t have to tell you why,” he wrote, “I wanted to see what the wind was blowing today, and I had a healthy feeling that it might have changed a lot.” He continued, “When I arrived (at the entrance), I saw that it had changed.

“When I arrived, I saw the grilled fish at the entrance for 13,000 won, and it was really good,” he said, “It was well organized and tasted good. Finally, the OO pouch has changed, and I was proud of everything.”

Feeling relieved, Mr. A explained that while at the market, he bought some blue crabs and asked for fresh blue crabs to be put in a cooler so that he could boil them for his children.

Here’s the problem. The crabs were clearly full of energy when they were purchased, but when Mr. A got home and opened the cooler, they looked very different.

Mr. A said, “The legs were definitely running and flapping.” Mr. A said, “The crab stretches out and loses its legs after about an hour of being in the ice. There are no legs in the icebox,” he wrote.

In the photos he posted, not a single one of the nine blue crabs had all of its legs intact. There were even some with as many as seven legs missing.

“I don’t have a picture of the other box, but it’s similar,” he said, adding, “I’m not going to look for any more shells in my lifetime.”

When the story was shared, users were outraged. “Why can’t you say it’s an OO bag?”, “When you eat at a restaurant, you have to choose the fish and then watch the process of packaging or trimming.”, etc.

Another pointed out that “cheating on the scale has become a common knowledge for the general public, so we only care about it and relax after buying, but bad businessmen take advantage of it.”

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