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“Hundreds of them in the crowd”… Mayflies that fell like heavy snow at Jamsil Baseball Stadium

Large groups of mayflies, which can reach 4 to 5 cm when their wings are spread, flock to various parts of downtown Seoul at night토토사이트, causing inconvenience to citizens. In particular, during the KT Wiz and LG

Twins game held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 18th, thousands of mayflies attacked the baseball field, causing great inconvenience to the spectators.

On the 18th, an oriental ephemera appeared at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul where the KT Wiz and LG Twins game was held. [Photo source = Twitter]

It was enough to be confirmed by a relay video of mayflies appearing at the baseball field that day. Dozens of ephemera were seen flying around the players and around the baseball field even as the pitcher threw the ball and the batter swung the baseball bat.

One Twitter user took a video and shared the situation at the baseball field at the time, saying, “Today Jamsil is so serious…. These are all one day old, but hundreds of them fall into the stands.”

The identity of these insects is an oriental mayfly. It has been witnessed not only at the baseball field on this day, but also in various places in Seoul, such as the Han River. It is understood that it is mainly seen in Gangdong, Gwangjin, Songpa, and Seongdong in Seoul, which border the Han River, and Yangpyeong, Namyangju, and Hanam in Gyeonggi Province.

Eastern mayflies are mainly active from May to June, and die naturally within 4 to 5 days. It is also known that it is not an insect harmful to humans. However, because of their habit of liking bright light, when they see a light, they intensively flock to it, giving them a sense of disgust.

[Photo source = Twitter]

However, it is not easy to spray insecticides to eradicate oriental mayflies. The Han River basin, the habitat of the larvae, is a water source protection zone, so it is impossible to spray pesticides. There is no choice but to disinfect the grass or operate pest control.

Experts recommend minimizing the use of bright lights after 8 p.m. during the period when the oriental ephemera is active.

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