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“How do I cancel my plane ticket?” ‥ “Mawar” is now an emergency in Okinawa

This is a community about travelling to Okinawa on a portal site.

There are many posts about hotel, rental car, and flight cancellations, and many inquiries.

This is due to the forecast that Typhoon Mawar, the second typhoon to hit Guam, will now pass through Okinawa.

As of 3am today (1 January), according to the Korea Meteorological Administration, Mawar is located 430km southwest of Okinawa, Japan, with maximum sustained winds of 32mph and a central pressure of 975hpa.

At this rate, it is expected to pass over the island of Okinawa tomorrow안전놀이터.

Naha International Airport, the gateway to Okinawa, has been closed for the day today.

Depending on the typhoon situation, the airport closure period may be extended.

Evacuation orders have also been issued for more than 55,000 residents of Miyakojima City in the southwest of Okinawa Prefecture.

The typhoon is expected to gradually weaken after passing over Okinawa and turn into an extratropical cyclone.

With much rain expected to fall not only in Okinawa but also in western Japan, it is analysed to be relatively unlikely to directly affect the Korean Peninsula.

Mawar hit Guam on the 24th of last month, causing major damage and stranding more than 3,000 South Korean tourists for nearly a week.

The aftermath of Mawar reportedly led to a significant number of South Korean travellers cancelling flights and tours to Guam planned for this summer.

Although the typhoon has now passed, the number of trip cancellations is likely to continue to rise given that damage control work will be required for some time.

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