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Holloway, struggling with family issues, continues season as normal

Foreigner Murray Followay (32, Korea Gas Corporation) plays the season normally.

On the 30th, Korea Gas Corporation said, “Halloway will start competing against KT on the 31st. Seasonal substitutes are not being considered.”

Holloway has been having a hard time 안전놀이터 concentrating on his recent games. Following his mother’s illness in the United States, his eldest brother, who was taking care of him, was in a state of deterioration. This is the reason why he did not participate in the match against Ginseng Corporation on the 29th.

Korea Gas Corporation held a team meeting. At this event, Holloway affirmed his role and his teammates’ commitment to competing in the semifinals, and reaffirmed his commitment to participating in the season. Accordingly, he plans to digest all of his remaining schedule.

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