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“Heads up” Superman catch, 20-year-old throws himself against the fence…even the legends had their tongues out.

“It was a fight, and you have to be really strong to make that catch…”

The commander, a right fielder in his prime, also stuck out his tongue. Lotte Giants’ Yoon Dong-hee literally made a ‘super catch’.

On the 4th, against the Busan Doosan Bears. In the top of the seventh inning, Doosan’s Kim In-tae hit a ball that was on a direct trajectory to the right field fence. However, Yoon Dong-hee was quick to catch up and made a dynamic throw to catch the ball.토토사이트

It was not an easy hit as the ball hit the fence while catching it. The throw to first base was so fierce that Cho Su-hyun, who had already run around second base, slid home with full force.

Acting Lotte manager Lee Jong-woon is a right fielder. For a time, he held the record for most triples in a single season (14) and was a table-setter who harassed opposing batters alongside current Lotte infield coach Jeon Jun-ho.

“It made my hair stand on end,” said Lee, who met with the acting manager on May 5, of what it was like to watch him bat.

“It’s a huge commitment. I don’t think he could have done it if he was thinking about the fence, if he was thinking about catching it at all. Her determination to catch the ball was so strong that she was able to catch it, and each of those plays added up to a (4-3) victory.”

Lotte’s Yoon Dong-hee. Choi Moon-young 기자 /2023.07.06/
“Our players have been playing well lately,” he said. “It was a tough game with runners on base every inning. The pitchers did a good job, and the fielders helped. If we could have hit more, we would have had an easier game, but we still won,” he smiled.

Regarding veteran Kim Sang-soo, who has been pitching with a 1.08 ERA in the second half of the season, including against Doosan, he said, “I think very highly of him. He prepares well and is an example to the younger players. The most senior pitcher goes out in the most difficult moments, and he’s doing a good job of protecting them.”

Lotte is in seventh place, six and a half games behind fifth-place NC Dinos. “There is no tomorrow for us right now,” said Lee. We have to do our best today, every day,” Lee emphasized.

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