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Head of Nuclear Research Institute “Don’t drink Fukushima contaminated water…drinking standards exceeded”

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) President Dr. Han Ju-kyu has made it official: “You should not drink Fukushima contaminated water.”

At a plenary meeting of the Committee on Science, Technology, Information and Broadcasting and Telecommunications held at the National Assembly on the morning of the 24th, Representative Kim Young-joo of the Democratic Party of Korea asked for the official position of the NRAE on the recent remarks of Professor Emeritus Wade Allison of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom that “even a liter of contaminated water can be drunk,” and said that the NRAE plans to issue a press release stating that the concentration of tritium in contaminated water averages 620,000 becquerels (Bq), while the standard for drinking water is 10,000 Bq, and that it should not be consumed at all times.

“Professor Allison’s remarks were personal,” Zhu continued, “not invited 안전놀이터by our research institute, but by the corporation ‘Facts and Science Network’.” “He has written many books and made many speeches about the need for nuclear power and misunderstandings about nuclear power, so we organized a press conference to listen to a wide range of opinions. The cost of the invitation was not related to us.” In response to Democratic Party lawmaker Ko Goo-jung’s question, “Why did you not take immediate action against Professor Allison’s remarks?” he said, “I think it was wrong not to take action in advance.

Earlier, Professor Allison said, “If you have a liter of undiluted Fukushima water, you can drink it right away,” at a meeting invited by the KERI on the 15th, and later, at a meeting hosted by the People’s Power on the 19th, he emphasized the safety of contaminated water, saying, “You can drink 10 liters, not just one liter.” He was controversial for his remarks.

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