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‘Harmony of inside and outside’ Konkuk University, after twists and turns, catches Dongguk University and wins for the first time in the season

Konkuk University defeated Dongguk University and reported the first win of the season. 

Konkuk University won 72-71 in the match against Dongguk University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Dongguk University Gymnasium on the 20th.

On the 15th, Konkuk University, which gave away victory against Yonsei University, won its first win of the season in two games. Dongguk University, who won the first game of the season against Sungkyunkwan University, recorded the first loss of the season. 

From the first quarter, the two teams battled fiercely. However, it was Konkuk University that took the momentum first. Choi Seung-bin and Kim Do-yeon took the lead with consecutive 3-point shots, and Freddy also showed his presence at the bottom of the goal. In the second half of the quarter, while committing consecutive turnovers, the opponent allowed pursuit for a while, but Cho Hwan-hee’s three-point buzzer beater brought the atmosphere back, and Konkuk University finished the first quarter with a score of 26-20. 

The second quarter also went tight. When Konkuk University widened the gap, Dongguk University calmly caught up. 

Konkuk University took a double-digit lead early in the second quarter thanks to Freddie’s footback and Jo Hwan-hee’s fast-breaking layup. In the middle of the quarter, when Dongguk University gained momentum and narrowed the gap바카라사이트, Kim Do-yeon acted as a solver. However, Dongguk University’s counterattack, centered on Lee Dae-gyun, continued, and Konkuk University finished the first half with a slightly reduced lead from the first quarter, 46-41. 

The third quarter was similar. Until the beginning of the quarter, Konkuk University seemed to be leading the game, with Kim Joon-young, Park Sang-woo, and Cho Hwan-hee firing the outer guns one after another. However, in the second half of the quarter, while Choi Seung-bin needed to stop bleeding after a collision with an opponent, Dongguk University reduced the score gap again. Still, Konkuk University, who kept the lead, took a lead in the third quarter, 61-56. 

Konkuk University conceded consecutive runs to Dongguk University while the 4th quarter shooting did not listen, and allowed a two-point gap. Konkuk University, which failed to run away, took the lead with 54.0 seconds left in the game, getting hit by Lim Jeong-hyeon with 3 come-from-behind points.

However, Konkuk University did not give up. After continuing to protect the rebound by burning fighting spirit in the ensuing attack, Park Sang-woo succeeded in a layup that created a reversal 8.3 seconds before the end of the game. Konkuk University, which blocked the opponent’s attack in the last defense, produced a dramatic victory. 

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