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Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo on ‘advancing to third place’: “We have pressure against Ulsan. We’re going to win”

Gwangju FC head coach Lee Jung-hyo spoke of his determination ahead of the match against Ulsan Hyundai. He was determined.

At 7:30 p.m. on the 27th, the Gwangju FC-Suwon Samsung Electronics match of the 28th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 took place at the Gwangju Football Stadium in Gwangju City. The result was 4-0 in favor of Gwangju. Gwangju defeated Suwon Samsung, who were playing away from home, with consecutive goals from Lee Hee-gyun in the 18th minute, Asani in the 38th minute, and Um Ji-sung in the 2nd-7th minute. With the win, Gwangju reached third place in the K League 1 standings after 28 rounds.

After the game, Gwangju head coach Lee Jung-hyo said, “As you can see, the players don’t lie on the field. It’s not easy to get a good performance in terms of tasks, teammates, and organization. It’s hard for me not to be impressed by their performance in such an important match. I feel like I just need to do well. They motivate me. I want to praise them,” he said, adding, “The number of fans is increasing. Thank you for always supporting us,” he said.

On his second goal, Lee said, “We practice a lot. I wish I had more assists. It created a chance, so I praised them a lot and I think it was even better.”

Lee also commented on Heo Yul and Lee Hee-gyun. “They did a good job defending. When you review the performance, you can reprimand what you want to reprimand and praise what you want to praise.”

Gwangju is currently in third place in the K League 1. “There are still games left. I’ll be a little cautious. The players try to make the fans come to the stadium. I also try to help them grow. The club’s value has increased a lot, and I think it will increase even more if the environment is improved to match its position. I will try to do a little more.”메이저놀이터

Lee also talked about his target ranking, saying, “I talked about the number of wins. It’s still not enough. I think we need to prepare to keep scoring goals and not be satisfied. I’ll keep moving forward. For the sake of the fans.”

Lee also said, “The players have become more ambitious. Jung Ho-yeon is dreaming too much. He has also started studying English. She’s more organized than I am. I feel like I need to prepare myself. We both want to do well, and I think that’s why we keep performing so well. Even in the summer, they seem to be playing with excitement despite being tired and exhausted,” Lee said of the players’ improved mood.

Finally, Lee said, “I will prepare the same for the Ulsan Hyundai game. You can say that there is no pressure (due to injuries and departures), but it is a pressure for us. We are going to beat Ulsan. We will play with a little more pressure.” He added, “I have to keep working hard to fill in the gaps. Constantly working hard is my destination. I hope that my players can look up to me as a mentor and grow into a good coach.”

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