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‘Great Satisfaction’ Peru coach, “Korea is similar to the South American team that beat Portugal”

Juan Reinoso, coach of the Peruvian national soccer team, showed satisfaction with the away game against Korea and Japan during the A-match in June.

The Korean national soccer team안전놀이터, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play a friendly match against Peru on June 16 and against El Salvador on the 20th. As in the A match last March, Korea plans to cooperate with Japan to recruit two teams from Latin America and have a friendly match in turns.

Regarding this game, coach Reinoso seemed very satisfied. According to the South American media <InfoBe>, coach Reinoso expressed his joy at the June A match against Korea and Japan consecutively in public.

Reinoso said, “Currently, the effort put into finding an opponent of this level is quite large. That’s why I’m happy. In June, the UEFA Nations League will be held in Europe, and the CONCACAF (North and Central American Caribbean Football Confederation) region will also play an important role (Gold Cup). It is very positive to play against two teams with the given conditions and environment and sufficient FIFA rankings.”

“Korea beat Portugal, and Japan beat Germany. The two teams recently played Uruguay and Colombia. Japan lost to Colombia but drew with Uruguay, and Korea drew with Colombia but lost to Uruguay. It is a team. In terms of transition, it is similar to South American teams.”

Lastly, coach Reinoso thanked the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) for meeting sparring partners in Korea and Japan. Coach Reinoso said, “It was the best in terms of management. Many people have doubts about how this match was agreed, but no one thinks that they can face such a team in various situations such as the UEFA Nations League.” I was proud of the game.

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