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Georgia Hall, who missed three chances to win… “The runner-up is also a lot of confidence in me”

2 runners-up, tied for 6th in the championship group안전놀이터.

Georgia Hall tied for 6th at the Lotte Championship (total prize money of 2 million dollars) held in Hawaii last week. Hall, who entered the champion group with a sole lead and a tie for second place, one stroke behind, only reduced one stroke with five birdies and four bogeys, and did not rise to the top.

Hall has had several chances to reach the top lately. In March, he cut 7 strokes in the final round of the Drive-On Championship to go into overtime with Celine Boutier (France). However, Boutier made a birdie from the first hole and missed the win. 

Hall, who was satisfied with the runner-up, eventually shed tears of regret at the DIO Implant LA Open held the following week. He could have played overtime with In Luoning (China) if he caught a birdie on the last 18th hole, but missed the birdie putt by just over 2m. He chased Luoning all day, but slipped again at the threshold.

Hall said, “I’m doing better than usual. And I competed for the title twice in the US. Also, just hitting 7 under par and 4 under par on the last day gave me confidence that I can push through to the final round.”

“Even being runner-up gives me a lot of confidence. I know all great players get a lot of second place, so you have to be patient from the start of the season. So I hope to play more golf this year and win a few more.”

The fact that they competed for three consecutive championships means that they have a good sense of the recent game. He said, “I think there is no weakness in my game, and I think I have been consistent. I think mental strength is the strongest part of my game. The key to why I play well is mental strength.”

Hall raised expectations for the first major tournament of the season, saying, “It is thanks to the hard work and progress over the past 1-2 years. Now it is going well, and the efforts are bearing fruit.”

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