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Forgotten prospect → BJ job → Goyang’s new guardian… “This may be your last chance, I don’t want to miss it”

“Maybe this is my last chance, I don’t want to miss it.”

Even up until college, there was a promising player that everyone acknowledged. He was a big man with a height of nearly 200 cm, excellent physical ability, and even an accurate mid-range jumper. A professional stage that jumped into the middle of the evaluation of the minimum. However, the opportunity was not given for a long time.토토사이트

Kim Jin-yong of Goyang Carrot is having the most spectacular day since his recent professional debut. After being named to Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 8th overall ranking in the first round, he was traded to Jeonju KCC and then traded again to Carrot, who did not have a proper opportunity. In the off season he even became an African TV BJ. Kim Jin-yong, who was like that, has now become indispensable to Carrot.

Kim Jin-yong recorded 14 points, the most points in a game since his professional debut against LG in Changwon on the 17th, and kept the vacancy of Park Jin-cheol, who left due to injury. Later, on the 19th, against Samsung in Seoul, he played for 33 minutes and 17 seconds, recording 4 points, 8 rebounds and 1 block shot, leading to a 92-86 victory.

Kim Seung-gi, director of Carrot, said, “I seem to have the ability to receive and eat. I think I will have more time to play in the future,” he said, showing a positive response.

From Carrot’s point of view, Kim Jin-yong was the appearance of a new guardian deity. In a situation where the number 4 seat was poor, Lee Jong-hyun transferred and Choi Hyun-min left due to an injury. Even Park Jin-cheol, who was doing his part, fell out with an injury to his left eye, and the power leak was serious. At this time, Kim Jin-yong did not miss the given opportunity and firmly guarded the bottom of the goal.

Even Carrot coach Son Chang-hwan was surprised, saying, “I was worried that I would be fouled out early because I didn’t have much professional experience, but I held up better than I thought.”

In fact, Kim Jin-yong showed regret rather than satisfaction even after scoring 14 points in the match against LG. Because he knows exactly what his role is. He was the one who had to hustle, defend, and rebound, but he missed the part he had to do other than scoring, so it was a natural reaction.

Kim Jin-yong said, “Even after scoring 14 points, I felt more regret than feeling good. For example, (Park) Jin-cheol grabs 8 or 9 rebounds even if he doesn’t score 10 points. Then he has done his part. But I only took 2 rebounds against LG. It is more important to focus on what I can and must do.”

He said, “I hope I win a lot when I play. I don’t know how much time will be given, but I want to hear from my teammates, ‘I won because you grabbed the rebound’ and ‘I won a losing game because of you’.”

Kim Jin-yong could not even get a chance to play properly unless it was in the D-League. His appearance against Samsung in 33 minutes and 17 seconds is also his only 30 minute appearance, far exceeding his record of 20 minutes and 1 second, which was the most. As such, the playing time given to him over the past five years has not been that great. Did he have any regrets or regrets?

Kim Jin-yong said, “When I look back on myself, I don’t think I should feel sorry for the fact that I didn’t have enough running time. When I was at KCC, the coaches and coaches taught me a lot with affection. But at the time, I didn’t know much about basketball. I was just trying to show what I had, not what the team wanted. So I gave it a chance, but I didn’t take it.”

“I knew very well why I couldn’t run, so I had no regrets at all. It was just sad. So now I know for sure. While at Carrot, I became a person who could properly accept what the coaches, coaches, and seniors were talking about.”

Quite a few years of obscurity have passed, but Kim Jin-yong’s outstanding physical abilities are still highly valued. He said, “I think it will work if you show that you have good athletic ability on the court. As I reached my 30s, minor injuries began to form one by one (laughs). When I wake up, there are sore spots one by one. But it’s okay because I saved a lot during that time.”

On the other hand, Kim Jin-yong also talked about his life as a BJ active as ‘Nongtherman’. A part that can create a synergistic effect if active in the pro continues. Recently, Carrot’s game chat window, which is broadcast on African TV, is often plastered with Kim Jin-yong and ‘Nongtherman’. There is so much interest.

Kim Jin-yong said, “Some of the acquaintances I got to know while doing BJ open a cheering room and support me. Before Samsung, (Kim) Yunhwan (former StarCraft pro gamer) also came. He also knows that fans show a lot of interest in the African TV relay room,” and laughed, saying, “To keep interest in the future, I have to show my face often on the court.”

He also said, “I hoped that people who had no interest in basketball would get a little closer while watching the broadcast. He also thought about how to approach through content related to basketball. I believe it will lead to a positive response to professional basketball as well. It’s a new part, so there’s definitely a risk in doing this. Still, I want to show that I am not ‘just a person who plays’. The things I’ve been thinking about for so long have finally begun. I am standing at the starting point, and I do not want to miss this opportunity, which may be the last.”

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