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Family assaulted barefoot middle school girl in Gangnam… Dad remanded in custody

Police have detained the father of a middle school girl after she was gang-raped by her family in the center of Gangnam, Seoul.

According to police on Tuesday, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul applied for Temporary Measures No. 7 under the Child Abuse Punishment Act against the middle school girl’s father, Mr. A, in his 40s, and the court accepted the request스포츠토토.

Temporary Measure 7 is a measure to detain the perpetrator in a detention center or detention center for up to two months to protect the child if there is a risk of recurrence of abuse. Following this decision, Mr. A was reportedly detained at the Seoul Eastern Detention Center the previous afternoon.

Mr. A and the victim’s high school student brother, Mr. B, allegedly assaulted the middle school girl for about 20 minutes at an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul, before dawn on March 15.

Neighborhood CCTV footage showed the middle school girl being attacked by the family. In the video, Mr. A chases the middle school girl, who is running barefoot, at high speed, knocking her down and dragging her by the hair before punching her in the stomach. The mother then arrives and kicks the kneeling middle school girl several times, and Mr. B is seen joining in the assault.

Police are investigating Mr. and Mrs. A and Mr. B on suspicion of physical abuse and assault under the Special Act on the Punishment of Domestic Violence Crimes, respectively. They also ordered emergency measures to prevent them from approaching or contacting the middle school girl.

The parents reportedly told police that their daughter refused to go to the hospital and that they physically punished her. The police plan to investigate whether the girl has been a victim of abuse in the past.

The student, who has been placed in a shelter, is reportedly not suffering from any serious trauma.

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