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‘Faded Pursuit’ director Guna Dan “KB Stars, the atmosphere was burnt”

 Shinhan Bank fought hard against KB Stars, where Park Ji-soo returned, but in the end, they couldn’t cross the wall.

Incheon Shinhan Bank, led by coach Guna Dan, lost 55-62 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league away game against Cheongju KB Stars held at the Cheongju Gymnasium on the 19th. 4th place Shinhan Bank failed to win 2 consecutive wins and was chased by 5th place KB Stars by 3 games.

Shinhan Bank took a 39-37 advantage in the rebound fight against KB Stars, with Park Ji-soo returning. Sonia Kim (17 points, 13 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals) recorded a double-double. The 3-point shot also spewed fire. Kim Ah-reum (12 points, 2 assists) scored a total of 9, including 4, gaining an advantage over KB Stars, who only had 2. 토토사이트

But the thread was bigger. While the advantage was only one fast attack, KB Stars allowed four. Kim Jin-young (7 points, 5 rebounds) and Kim Tae-yeon (4 points, 6 rebounds) were fouled out one after another, limiting the number of players available. Yoo Seung-hee was only listed on the starting list, but had to miss two games in a row due to back pain. At one time in the 4th quarter, Gooseul made a desperate decision to defend Park Ji-soo, but it was clear that he was inferior in height.

After the game, coach Guna Dan said, “(Kim) Taeyeon fought hard until the end, but it came out as a foul out. Uneasy. Certainly, KB Stars, where (Park) Ji-soo returned, got on the air. We rather missed an easy shot too early in the game. This is something we need to change. I wonder if we will have a chance if we catch that part. KB Stars is on the rise from now on. Just standing there (under the goal) was so different.”

Coach Gunadan continued, “The game was not going well, so the players were passive. I was impatient because I missed the quick attack and the easy shot. It’s the same thing after this and that, but I didn’t dare to do it. Of course it’s easy to say. KB Stars cut off our rhythm, and we couldn’t overcome that part. It collapsed too easily from the beginning. The appearance that came out in the 4th quarter should come out from the beginning of the game. On the 25th we will face off at our home. I will try to face it in a different way.