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“English teachers traveling abroad for 200 million won, why this country?”

A group of elementary school English teachers in Ulsan, South Korea, are traveling to Finland for training, sparking controversy over the appropriateness of the trip안전놀이터.

According to the Ulsan City Office of Education, 28 English teachers from Ulsan elementary schools will be traveling to Finland in August.

The training costs 7.8 million won per person and the total budget is over 200 million won.

However, Finland is a country that speaks Finnish and Swedish instead of English, and uses Latin script.

Because of this, it has been pointed out that why go to a non-English speaking country for training?

In fact, most elementary school English teachers in Busan, Gyeongnam, Chungnam, and other regions are trained in countries where English is the official language, such as Australia, the United States, and Canada.

The Ulsan City Office of Education explained that it made sense to benchmark English education in Finland because Finland has the highest level of English proficiency among non-English speaking countries without native teachers.

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