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Dodomam “Kang Yong-seok said he would receive 300-500 million won in settlement if he sued for rape and bodily injury”

Famous blogger Mi-na Kim (action name Dodomam)안전놀이터 said in court that attorney Kang Yong-seok urged false accusations for the purpose of settlement money and that she was not actually raped or molested.

On the 14th, Judge Lee Jun-gu, who was the 18th detective of the Seoul Central District Court, held a trial for Attorney Kang, who was accused of being an innocent teacher. Mr. Kim said, “All of the contents described in the complaint are not true,” and “Attorney Kang said that if you

sue Mr. A (who was the head of the securities company at the time) for rape and bodily harm, you can receive a settlement of 300 to 500 million won. ”

Then, in March 2015, at the time of the incident, it was true that Mr. A assaulted him with a beer bottle, but the clothes written in the complaint were different from the truth, and he explained that Mr. A had never touched his body part forcibly.

When asked by the prosecutor, ‘Who was the first person to sue Mr. A?’, Mr. Kim replied, “Attorney Kang did it.”

He said lawyer Kang said, “The amount of settlement increases only when rape is added to the charge. Even the slightest touch is indecent assault.

He also added that when he asked if he had to timely commit rape and injury in the complaint, Attorney Kang said, “It is good when we come to an agreement that way.”

Mr. Kim admitted to dating lawyer Kang and said that he felt remorse after falsely suing Mr. A, and that he withdrew the complaint after breaking up with Mr. Kang. At the same time, he said in December 2015, “Attorney Kang was focusing on making money, such as suing for comments.”

Previously, Mr. Kim was sentenced to 8 months in prison and 2 years probation for falsely accusing him of being sexually assaulted by Mr. A, who was a former lover.

Attorney Kang was indicted without detention in 2015 for instigating Mr. Kim to sue Mr. A for rape and bodily harm.

Mr. Kim told attorney Kang, “I was assaulted by Mr. A at a drinking party, but he never tried to touch me.” Attorney Kang was found to have conciliated, saying, “Even a slight touch constitutes indecent assault.”

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