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Dispatch of scouts to clubs that said “I’m not interested in Lee Jung-hoo”, what does it mean?

Major League Baseball’s interest in Lee Jung-hoo (24), the ‘grandson of the wind’, is heating up.

The visits of major league scouts,슬롯사이트 which started at the Kiwoom spring camp, have been transferred to the national team training camp.

No, it’s getting hotter than before. The number of clubs visiting the training ground to see Lee Jung-hoo is gradually increasing.

Interestingly, clubs that said they had no interest in Lee Jung-hoo are flocking to the Arizona camp.

He clearly said he wasn’t interested.

In fact, Lee Jung-hoo didn’t even show up well in the game. One team even requested, “Please remove our team from Lee Jung-hoo’s interest team article.”

However, the actual behavior was different. The team’s scout appeared at Lee Jung-hoo’s Arizona camp. He showed his will to examine Lee Jung-hoo from a close distance. A scout in charge of Asia for the club said the reason for dispatching a scout to look for Lee Jung-hoo was “Tip Secret”.

No matter how outstanding Lee Jung-hoo is, not all 30 major league clubs are interested in him. Teams with plenty of space in the outfield are inevitably less interested.

What is the reason why the club, which did not check Lee Jung-hoo’s matches in domestic games, dispatched scouts to Lee Jung-hoo’s spring camp?

A scout in charge of Asia for club A, who did not show interest in Lee Jung-hoo, said, “I can’t tell you why. It is true that he was not interested in Lee Jung-hoo. It is difficult to say whether it has changed now or whether it will change in the future. I needed to look after Lee Jung-hoo, so I can only say that the scout went. No one knows what will happen in the future,” he said.

Although the specific reason was not explained, it can be interpreted that there is an intention to accumulate data even now because there has been a lack of data on Lee Jung-hoo.

The scouts currently looking for Lee Jung-hoo’s Kiwoom camp are not in charge of Asia. They are local scouts to cross-check with the Asian team.

It can also be seen as an attempt to minimize the potential impact of not scouting Lee Jung-hoo. When Lee Jung-hoo performed well after entering the major leagues, it can be seen that they are collecting data that can explain “why Lee Jung-hoo was not selected.”

Lee Jung-hoo’s sense of weight can also be grasped from the club’s movements, which he has not been interested in. It can be interpreted as scouting work to accumulate information about Lee Jung-hoo as much as possible.

It can be said that the general evaluation of Lee Jung-hoo by the major leagues has already ended. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are enough data on Lee Jung-hoo.

Nevertheless, the eyes of the major leagues pursuing Lee Jung-hoo do not seem to cool down. He has the power to move even the clubs that were not interested in Lee Jung-hoo.

It can be said that a meticulous evaluation of Lee Jung-hoo has already been made to the extent that there is no need for any more data. However, the heat of scouting is hot, which shows that the interest in Lee Jung-hoo in the major leagues is sincere.

It seems that the major leagues are wary of the fact that at least one misjudgement of Lee Jung-hoo and not scouting could result in a serious nose injury.

As such, it can be said that the proportion of scouting for one player, Lee Jung-hoo, is very large.

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