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“Disgrace the country, what are you doing taking off your clothes”… 2 locals harassed in ‘Hanoi symbol’ lake

Vietnam’s local media VN Express reported on the 19th that two local men were fined for taking a bath in Hoan Kiem Lake, the symbol of Hanoi카지노사이트, the capital of Vietnam.

According to VN Express, two restaurant workers entered the lake at around 5 am three days ago.

As passers-by shouted at them to come out of the lake, they eventually returned to the restaurant.

Their senseless behavior was filmed by a passer-by, and the video later spread online.

Local netizens continued to criticize, such as “It’s a disgrace to the country,” “What the hell were you thinking when you went into the lake,” and “You don’t even know how embarrassing it is.”

According to authorities regulations, if you are caught swimming or fishing in Hoan Kiem Lake, you will be fined.

Covering more than 115,000 square meters, the lake is located in central Hanoi and is a major tourist attraction frequented by foreign tourists.

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