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Director Park Jeong-eun, who announced the return of Kim Han-byul, “It is not a selection. Invest in the situation”

The two teams in a fierce battle for the second place met. Kim Han-byul is not in the starting lineup, but will return.

On the 14th, Busan BNK will face off against Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League 3 round at Yongin Gymnasium on the 14th.

It is a match between two teams who have been fighting for second place in the league so far. This fight is likely to continue until the second half of the season, so head-to-head records are very important in ranking fights. No one knows how a head-to-head loss will affect the end of the season. So far, BNK has laughed in both head-to-head matches.

The recent atmosphere of BNK is not bad. In the last game against Shinhan Bank, he had a blow (67-81), but won against Hana 1Q (69-47) and escaped from the losing streak. Lee So-hee is showing off her league-class shooting guard skills, and Kim Han-byeol, who was away for condition management, is also returning for this game.

Kim Han-byul is making a comeback, but it is not perfect. What was BNK director Park Jeong-eun’s plan to make up for? Before the game, I listened to coach Park Jeong-eun.

BNK Coach Jeong-eun Park

Q. Will Kim Han-byeol play this game?

He is improving his condition, but he intends to control it. He is not a starter, but he intends to put in based on the situation. He doesn’t feel completely clean yet, and he seems to be hesitant. He intends not to overdo it. 토토

Q. What has changed since Kim Han-byul’s absence?
Even if (Kim) Hanbyeol doesn’t play, I plan to take the good part. If Hanbyul is not there, I have to fill the role that Hanbyul did for me in rebounding. Opponent Bae Hye-yoon is monopolizing rebounds, so our big men have to keep this in check. The 2v2 game that Hanbyeol was good at should also be filled by our big men.

Q. The defense against Qiana Smith has been great so far. The secret?
Since our guards are short, their speed is good. I think Kianna Smith had a hard time because she was active in physical fights. Qiyana is also a great player, so you should feel it. Our guards will do well.

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