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Did Park Hee-young, Mayor of Yongsan-gu, know in advance that he will be released… Chief Secretary, residents of the district, “If you come out soon, I will serve you well”

It is reported that Park Hee-yeong, chief secretary of Yongsan-gu Office, met with residents of Yongsan-gu several weeks before Park was released on bail and said to the effect, “If the district chief comes out soon, we will take good care of the elderly.”

Yongsan-gu resident B said in a phone call on the 8th, “About two weeks ago, Mr. A visited the senior citizen center in Hyochang-dong.” Mr. A said to the residents gathered at the Senior Citizens’ Hall, “Unintentionally (the head of the ward is in the detention center), so he will come out soon.” Mr. B said, “I heard that (the chief secretary) toured 16 senior citizen centers in Yongsan-gu that day.”

Yongsan-gu resident C also said, “Last month, the chief of staff came and said, ‘I will visit the Senior Citizens’ Party once Chief Park is released from prison.’”

It is said that rumors circulated that Mayor Park would be released at the Yongsan-gu branch of the Korea Senior Citizens Association held on the 2nd at Sudeoksa Temple in Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. Resident D of Yongsan-gu said, “Someone like a politician came and said, ‘Park Hee-young is coming. When I come out, I will take care of the elderly,” he said. A did not attend the event. It seems that a political official or another ward office employee made such a statement.

It is pointed out that Mayor Park, who was pointed out as a party to the poor response to the Halloween disaster in Itaewon, was self-restrained and would not be able to go to trial, but even before the court’s decision on bail permission came out, it was pointed out that the return of the mayor was an established fact and started to ‘manage public sentiment안전놀이터‘. . Mr. D said, “I thought, ‘If you send out Mayor Park, it won’t be a country.”

Mr. A was a controversial figure in the district council as he took on the job of chief secretary at the rank of 7, which was unusual. At the Yongsan-gu Council’s administrative audit meeting held on November 22 last year, District Councilor Jang Jeong-ho asked, “Most of the 6th level administrative or 6th grade extras are hired, but this time, why is a 7th-level driver serving as chief secretary?” One is unique to the Commissioner,” he said. “Perhaps because he has exceptional abilities… ” he replied. Mr. A was later promoted from 7th grade to 6th grade.

Mr. A, the chief of staff, said, “I visited to check the inconvenience with the senior citizen’s party related department.” It was given,” he said. He continued, “The mayor of the district did not instruct me to visit the Senior Citizens’ Center separately,” he explained.

Park-gu, who was released on bail on the 7th, went to work the next morning and started his work before the families of the victims of the Itaewon disaster gathered in front of the Yongsan-gu Office. The bereaved families protested, saying, “At the time of release, I did not apologize to the bereaved families who visited the detention center.” Mayor Park did not go to work after taking annual leave on the 9th.

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