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“Diagnosed with dementia, blame the diehards” Bruce Willis daughter confesses to oddities

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis’ (68) daughter, Tallulah Willis (29)안전놀이터, has claimed that her father exhibited abnormalities such as hearing loss long before he was diagnosed with dementia.

Tallulah, who is the daughter of Willis and his ex-wife, actress Demi Moore, made the comments in an op-ed for fashion magazine Vogue, according to the British newspaper The Guardian on 1 January (local time).

Earlier, Willis’ family announced in February that he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD). It comes almost a year after he retired from the Hollywood film industry in March last year due to cognitive decline caused by aphasia.

FTD is known to affect a patient’s behaviour and personality and cause impaired language skills.

Tallulah Willis, 29, daughter of Hollywood actor Bruce Willis. AP

“I’ve known for a long time that something was wrong,” Tullah said, adding that her father’s symptoms began with “vague unresponsiveness,” and at the time, the family thought the hit film Die Hard had ruined his ears.

As the unresponsiveness continued, Tullah said he believed his father was indifferent to his ex-wife’s life because of their new family.

She says she suffered from anorexia for four years after battling depression and alcohol dependence, and blames her avoidance and denial for knowing her father’s health had deteriorated in recent years, but not being healthy enough to deal with it herself.

But now, he said, he is comforted by the way he is trying to take care of his father despite his grief, and he is glad that this is a very special time for his family and that he is with them.

He said his father still recognises him, adding that he is taking numerous photos to remember him and has saved all of his voicemails.

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