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“Delivered 116.8 billion oral offers” Newcastle loaded club record to Barça FW

Newcastle United is preparing to sign Rafinya with the club record.

It has emerged as an emerging powerhouse in the English Premier League (EPL). After being acquired by a Saudi consortium, Newcastle, with enormous capital on its back, gradually increased its power through systemic changes. Bruno Guimaraes, Alexander Isaac, Anthony Gordon, and Matt Target were strengthened to strengthen the squad, and manager Eddie Howe was brought in to establish a clear identity.

The results of the investment are showing up early. Newcastle are the protagonists of the storm this season. Currently, after playing 33 league games, they are in 3rd place with 65 points. There are still remaining schedules left, but as the gap with ‘fifth place’ Liverpool is 6 points, the possibility of obtaining a ticket to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), which was the goal, has increased.

Newcastle’s goal is to continue this trend for the long term. To do so, it is necessary to build a solid squad in preparation for the European competition next season.

There is a target that is consistently associated with this. Rafinha in Barcelona. He moved from Leeds United to Barcelona ahead of this seasonㅋㅋㅋ벳, but his form hasn’t been great. He has been steadily receiving playing time, participating in 45 games including cup competitions, but his offensive points are only 10 goals and 9 assists. He is criticized for his ups and downs, such as dribbling, which is his ‘strength’, not working at all on days when the game is not resolved.

As a result, transfer rumors arose after one season. Barcelona, ​​struggling with financial problems, are planning to sell several players this summer and Rafinha is on the list. Spanish media ‘Mundo Deportivo’ also reported that Newcastle were willing to pay £70 million (approximately 116.8 billion won), a ‘club record’, for Rafinha during the summer transfer window. Currently, Newcastle’s club record is Isaac for 70 million euros (approximately 102.3 billion won).

It is possible to make further progress. Reporter Gerard Romero, who is well versed in Spanish news, revealed that Newcastle had already made a verbal offer worth £70m to Barcelona. From Rafinha’s point of view, it may be negative about returning to the EPL after one season, but if Barcelona takes an ambiguous position, there is a good chance that they will make a decision about the transfer.

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