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Dean Henderson may miss 4 weeks + 4 weeks with injury… The team is renting Navas

Dean Henderson (25)’s injury seems to be getting longer. 

Henderson is an England national team goalkeeper born in 1997. A member of Manchester United, he came on loan to Nottingham last summer for his playing opportunities. Since then, he has been active as the team’s ace and has been on a winning streak.

However, on the 17th, news came that Henderson would be out for four weeks due to a thigh injury. And on the 4th, the British media ‘Telegraph’ reported that “Henderson is in a situation where he can be out for 4 more weeks in addition to the existing injury.”  안전놀이터

Nottingham acted immediately as Henderson looked set to be out injured. Nottingham loaned Keylor Navas from Paris Saint-Germain FC at the end of the transfer window. Having been a key player in Real Madrid’s three consecutive UEFA Champions League victories, he is expected to bring experience to promoted team Nottingham. 

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