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Daepyeong Middle School Lee Soo-hyun, President Bae Soo-young Men’s Middle Freestyle 100m 3 gold medals

Suhyeon Lee (Suwon Daepyeong Middle School) won three gold medals in the middle school men’s 100m freestyle at the 42nd Presidential Cup National Swimming Championships.

On the 15th, on the 4th day of the competition, which continued at Wansan Swimming Pool in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, Lee Soo-hyun recorded a time of 52.57 seconds in the south-central 100m freestyle final, ahead of Lim Jae-yul (Osan Sports Club, 53.36 seconds) and Hwang Jun-hu (Busan Haegang Middle School, 54.21 seconds). He held the supremacy with a goal in first place.

After winning the National Boys’ Sports Festival (May) and the Gwangju National Swimming Competition (June) last year, he won three gold medals this season, proving that he is the strongest in the middle school division.

Also, in the 800m freestyle relay in the south-central region, Osan Sports Club was the first to hit the touchpad with a time of 8:02:08, easily beating Gangwon weight (8:05:90) and Seoul weight (8:06:16), and the same event men’s high school department also Anyang Shinsung High School split the current by beating Gangwon Physical Education High School (7 minutes 40 seconds 93) and Seoul Physical Education High School (7 minutes 45 seconds 88) with a time of 7 minutes 34 seconds 20.

In the women’s mid-level individual medley 200m final, Lee Na (Uiwang Galmo Middle School) won the gold medal with a time of 2:21.60, ahead of Hwang Na-hee (Seoul weight, 2:21.69) and Shin Jeong-won (Seoul weight, 2:26.37). In the same event, Suji Choi (Eunyeoul Elementary School, Gimpo) won the championship with a record of 2 minutes 26 seconds 61, beating Do Seung-hyeon (Daegu Yongsan Elementary School, 2 minutes 30 seconds 47) and Hong Ji-min (Seoul Mokun Elementary School, 2 minutes 35 seconds 50).토토사이트

On the other hand, in the South Chobu 100m freestyle final, Hyunjin Jang (Gojancho, Ansan) ranked first with 59.04 seconds ahead of Jiwon Kim (Yeongseoncho, Incheon, 59.39sec.) and Dohyeon Kim (Haesolcho, Ansan. 1:03.04), in the same event. Young male Jo Seung-mo (Goyang Nakmincho) also won the gold medal by beating Jeong Geun-min (Jangseong Sachangcho, 1:06:89) and Kim Si-yoon (Gyeonggi Air Swim, 1:09:09) with a time of 1:06.29.

In the men’s 50m backstroke, Hui Cho (Gimpo Geumbitcho) set a new tournament record of 34.61 seconds (previously 35.16), beating Hong Seong-jun (Cheongju Gaesincho, 37.30 seconds) and Park Yul-min (Ogeumcho, Seoul, 37.31 seconds) and 1 In the women’s general division of the same event, Park Han-byeol (Bucheon City Hall) won the gold medal with a time of 29.11 seconds ahead of Yoo Hyun-ji (Gyeongnam Swimming Federation, 29.14 seconds) and Ko Soo-min (Jeju City Hall, 29.15 seconds).

In addition, Jeong So-i (Incheon KBS Sports JHR) in the women’s 100m freestyle won the silver medal with a time of 1:01:14, and Kim Dong-hyeok (Anyang Sungkyul University) in the same event also missed Lee Ju-seong (Korea National Sport University, 51:88) with a time of 51:89. runner-up

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