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Daejeon Hana DF Cho Yu-min “The World Cup that was like a dream, now a new dream in the K-League 1”

“It’s a stage I’ve only seen in my dreams. I walked in a dream It was a very motivating time.”메이저놀이터

For K-League 1 (Part 1) Daejeon Hana Citizen central defender Jo Yoo-min (27), the 2022 Qatar World Cup was a “dream stage” and at the same time a “dream stage”. In the final Group H match against Portugal, the Korean bench, which overturned the score 0-1 to 2-1, removed striker Cho Gyu-seong (25, Jeonbuk Hyundai) and put in Cho Yoo-min at the end of the third minute of extra time. The time spent on the ground was around 5 minutes with extra time added to extra time. However, the 4th replacement card, which was scrambled to solidify his victory, smiled broadly at the end of pouring out his everything. Korea made history by advancing to the round of 16 for the second time in its career, 12 years after the 2010 tournament in South Africa.

Cho Yoo-min, whom I met in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, the second winter training ground for Daejeon Hana, said, “The World Cup drew my future. He awakened how to play football in the future and how to run with what goals. I think I can play better football,” he looked back on his Qatar journey.

It was an honor to walk around the World Cup grounds, but the afterglow of the moment when the final entry (26 players) was selected was much stronger. He said, “I hugged his family and cried. I just shed tears. I saw Brazilian and German players rejoicing and crying on social media. The World Cup, which even the world-class stars desperately wanted, came much bigger to me.”

Jo Yoo-min is also well known as the husband of Park So-yeon, a member of the popular girl group T-ara. Early marriage also changed his values. “Before I met my spouse, I was running for my own life. Family is everything now. This is why I need to do better. I was able to become a ‘proud husband and son’ while playing in the World Cup, even for a very short time.”

However, the 2022 season has not always been smooth. Daejeon Hana fought a desperate struggle in the K-League 2 (Part 2). “I want to give another stimulus and energy” Cho Yu-min, who left the promoted team Suwon FC and returned to K-League 2 wearing a Daejeon Hana uniform, but it was not easy either. It was difficult to adapt to a situation where winning as well as promotion was always natural, and even a draw was considered a failure. He even tried to put down the captain’s armband to overcome a crisis during the season.

“It is not pressure or burden, it is responsibility. I saw that changing the captain could also help change the team atmosphere. This year (Co.) Sejong gave up the captaincy to his older brother, and the coach (Lee Min-seong) gave him a message to spend more time on personal development and growth. He received great consideration.”

Daejeon Hana returned to the K-League 1 through the promotion playoffs. It is the first division return in 8 years since 2015, when it was a citizen team. Lee Min-seong, director of Daejeon Hana, said, “I am under a different pressure than before. The weight of survival,” he said.

Cho Yoo-min is also well aware of the changed situation of himself and his team. However, the emotions they accept are different from last year. “It is a pleasant burden,” he said. Anticipate, not fear. It’s a new start. If I do well, the team’s performance will improve. I want to prove my competitiveness and be consistently selected for the national team. It will be a time to grow one step at a time.”

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