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Commander emphasizes “growth through pressure”…Korean Air to win fourth consecutive consolidation for first time in history

Korean Air is in Japan for a training camp in hopes of becoming the first team in history to win four consecutive titles.

“We wanted to go to five sets,” said head coach Tommi Tilikainen after the team’s second practice match against the Tokyo Great Bears ended in a 2-2 draw. “We should have scored more points at key moments, but I’m happy with the training camp as a whole,” he added.안전놀이터

Korean Air currently has only 13 players in the training camp, including setter Han, with Kim Kyu-min, Jeong Ji-seok, Jeong Jung-yong, Kim Min-jae, and Lim Dong-hyuk wearing the Taegeuk mark. Despite the lack of a ‘full team’, Tommy puts more value on the experience of the national team players.

“It’s good for them to go to the national team and play against other national teams and come back stronger,” he said.

From training with the UC Irvine volleyball team, to the training camp in Japan, to the upcoming training camp with the Finnish national team in late September, Korean Air is focusing on off-season “experience.

The idea behind the overseas training camps is that Korean Air needs to get stronger by playing against foreign teams outside of its dominant domestic league. “I feel like we’re growing by playing teams that can push us, which doesn’t happen in Korea. I want to push the players, and I want to meet new teams to identify their weaknesses and improve them to become a stronger team.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming 23-24 season, Tommy also talked about “key players,” but he didn’t single anyone out. “We have a lot of key players,” he said, emphasizing the competition.

Korean Air will play two exhibition games against the Osaka Panasonic Panthers in Japan on December 12 and 13. After analyzing the opponent’s defense, Tommy hopes to see the team grow as a result.

Korean Air, the defending champions, are coming off their first four-game losing streak in a row. When asked about the pressure, Tommy said, “Nothing comes for free. Every team wants to beat us, and we will always be prepared,” he said.

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