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Choi Ye-rim, the unfortunate ‘5th runner-up’ ··· Seo Hae-jin and Heo Da-bin, who played the ‘seed match of hell’, are ‘precious top 10’

The victory at the ‘KLPGA Tournament in December’ held in Vietnam went to Lee Jung-min (30). At the beginning of the game, the competition for the championship was fierce for a short time, but when Lee Jung-min, who had a lot of experience, started hunting for a birdie, the game ended unexpectedly. It was Lee Jung-min’s overwhelming victory.

On the final day of the PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship (total prize money of 700 million won) held at Twin Doves Golf Club (par 72) in Vietnam on the 18th, Lee Jung-min recorded 1 under par 71 strokes and lifted his 10th championship with a total of 9 under par 207 strokes. 토토

In Lee Jung-min’s comeback shot, although he missed his first win in his career, there are players who made it to the top 10 in a meaningful way. First of all, Choi Ye-rim, unfortunately, was satisfied with his fifth runner-up in his career, and his first victory had to be passed on to the next opportunity.

Choi Ye-rim, who started as the sole leader by one shot, increased his momentum with a birdie on hole 2, but gave the lead to Jung-min Lee with bogeys on holes 3 and 5, and was shaken with a bogey on hole 10 (par 4). In the second half, with Lee Jung-min playing solo, Ko Ji-woo fought for second place. Go Ji-woo, who chased leader Lee Jung-min by two strokes, committed a quadruple bogey on the last hole 18 (par 5), and the runner-up went to Choi Ye-rim. Choi Ye-rim, who lost 3 strokes that day, finished the tournament alone in second place with a total of 6 under par 210 strokes. Choi Ye-rim won the first runner-up at the Hite Jinro Championship in 2018, and then took runner-up at the Nexen Saint Nine Masters in 2019. Last year, there was no runner-up, but this year, she won the runner-up at the Jeju Samdasoo Masters and High1 Resort Women’s Open. He is the third runner-up this year alone.

On this day, only four people recorded under par, and the winner Lee Jung-min, Seo Eo-jin (21), and Heo Da-bin (24) were the main characters who made the top 10 by hitting under par on the last day. In particular, Seo Hae-jin and Heo Da-bin, who had to play seed matches after being pushed out of the 60th place in the prize money rankings last season, finished the final round with a pleasant feeling by recording the ‘Top 10’, which was absolutely necessary to secure the 2024 seed.

On this day, Seo Jin-jin recorded 2 under par 70 strokes with 3 birdies and 1 bogey, and took sole 3rd place with a total of 5 under par 211 strokes. Seo Jin-jin’s prize money ranking last season was 61st. I was just short of first place, so I had to go through a hellish seed match. However, he won the seed again by coming in ninth place in the seed match, and finished in the top 10 in his first competition this year. Last season, Seo Hae-jin was ranked in the top 10 only once, and he did not earn 10 million won in the first 5 competitions.

Heo Da-bin, who had to go through the preliminaries for the seed match after staying at 87th in the prize money rankings last season, also made a pleasant top 10. Heo Da-bin, who made 1 bogey and 1 double bogey on the day, but made 4 birdies, recorded 1 under par 71 strokes and tied for 4th place with Hong Jung-min and Lee So-young with a total of 4 under par 212 strokes.

Heo Da-bin, who has been runner-up three times without winning, was in the top 10 twice last year, but faced a major crisis in his career as he was cut off in a row at the last six tournaments. However, Dabin Heo, who passed the preliminaries for the seed match and finished 27th in the finals, participated in this tournament without many of the top rankers and recorded a very valuable ‘Top 10’.