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Avarientos 4th Quarter Explosion, Hyundai Mobis 2nd Place Fight Not Pushed, SK 3rd Extension Bloody Aftermath Clear

Only the score in the 4th quarter was 28-16. Hyundai Mobis showed its superiority in the back.

Hyundai Mobis rose again. Gage Prim, Ham Ji-hoon, and Jang Jae-seok protect the bottom of the goal. However, as Ham Ji-hoon’s energy level dropped slightly, there was an aspect where the attack under the goal became simpler. The front line continued to be undulating.

In that respect, the explosion of Ronjay Avarientos on this day was meaningful. Avarientos went through ups and downs and was sluggish in the middle of the season. There was a problem with the shot selection, and there were clear weaknesses in the defense. However, because of its good function, the driving taste is a definite player.

On this day, Avarientos scored 12 points, including two 3-point shots, in the 4th quarter alone. There was power to bring the game, which had been close until the third quarter, to Hyundai Mobis at once. It was good with 20 points and 5 assists that day. Gage Prim has been consistently active with 17 points and 13 rebounds.

SK Choi Seong-won and Oh Jae-hyun failed to block Avarientos in the 4th quarter. Kim Seon-hyung was also scoreless in the fourth quarter. The day before, there was an aftereffect of a bloody battle with Korea Gas Corporation that went to the 3rd extension. Choi Bu-gyeong scored 16 points and Jameel Warney scored 15 points.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis beat the Seoul SK Knights 79-65 in the 메이저놀이터 Professional Basketball Round 4 home game held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 29th. 5 wins in a row With a record of 22 wins and 14 losses, they were in third place, 0.5 games behind second placed LG. SK ranked 4th with 20 wins and 15 losses.

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