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Auckland ranked last in terms of performance and spectators… Fans got angry too

The owner, who is the lowest among the 30 MLB teams with 3 wins and 16 losses

, tries to relocate his hometown… Fans say,

“We will hold a ‘reverse boycott’ of the home stadium on June 14.” The

Oakland Athletics are in last place among the 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. Until the 20th (Korean time), Auckland 안전놀이터has played 19 games this season and has only 3 wins and 16 losses. Oakland lost 2-12 to the Chicago Cubs in a home game held at Ring Central Coliseum in Oakland, California.

Auckland is also last in attendance. The crowd that day was 12,112. On the last 5 days, there were 3407 people. It was the Coliseum’s smallest crowd since 1980, even smaller than the KBO League crowd. In addition, the Coliseum is the most underdeveloped among the 30 clubs’ home stadiums. The Coliseum, which opened in 1966, is inhabited by mice and is poorly cleaned, leaving rat droppings everywhere.

Auckland owner John Fisher is trying to relocate. And recently, the MLB secretariat mentioned Oakland’s relocation to Las Vegas.

Fans were furious. According to USA Today on the same day, the Oakland fan group ‘Rooted in Oakland’ said, “We will hold a ‘reverse boycott’ at the Coliseum where the home game will be held on June 14th.” We will inform you that the claim that we will transfer the

54,005 spectators entered the Coliseum on the day of the 2019 Oakland-Tampa Bay wild card match. The visiting team for the game on June 14, when the reverse boycott will take place, is also Tampa Bay.

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