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ARI abandoned Bumgarner, the club’s ‘worst contract’ is separate

Through Madison Bumgarner (34), a nightmare-like ‘name’ came to mind.

The Arizona Diamondbacks team processed Bumgarner as a designated for assignment (DFA) on the 21st (Korean time). Ahead of the 2020 season, Bumgarner, who signed a five-year contract with Arizona for a total of $85 million (112.4 billion won)안전놀이터, will be worth $34 million (45 billion won), including the remaining $20.4 million (27 billion won) this season and $14 million (18.5 billion won) next season. ) or more remaining contracts. Although he is a highly paid superstar, his relationship with Arizona was put to an end due to his poor grades.

Bumgarner has started 4 games this season and recorded 3 losses with a 10.26 ERA. He pitched poorly, averaging 8.1 walks per 9 innings. In the previous appearance, against the St. Louis Cardinals on the 20th, he was a losing pitcher with 7 hits, 4 walks and 7 runs in 3 innings. He even got into an unnecessary verbal battle with the opposing catcher during the game. Clubs that want to sign him after clearing the waiver need only pay 720,000 dollars (950 million won), the lowest annual salary in the big leagues. The burden of recruitment is not great, but the possibility of a rebound is a question mark. 

Considering that he is a left-handed ace who dominated an era, it is a dramatic fall. Arizona, which invested more than 100 billion won for the purpose of power reinforcement, became a’nightmare’ recruitment. After moving to Arizona, Bumgarner went 14-32 with a 5.23 ERA. Interestingly, his contract may not be the worst signing in the club’s history.

American Yahoo Sports said, “Bumgarner was a huge disappointment, but it will not be recorded as the worst contract in Diamondbacks history.” You may be keeping your position (the worst contract). The club released him with a remaining contract of 22 million dollars (29.2 billion won),’ he said. Otis was an ace who won double-digit wins for six consecutive years from 1999 and 21 wins in 2003, but was particularly sluggish in Arizona. Coincidentally, Otis is also from San Francisco, just like Bumgarner. Otis left Arizona in June 2006. The record he left in Arizona is 5-16 with an average ERA of 7.00.

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