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An unexpected blood clot… Daegu barely caught the new team in the 2nd division

Clouds of fine dust covered the skies across the country. The air in Daegu, a basin area, was even more turbid. His throat was sharp, and his eyes were dim. In the meantime, the 3rd round match of the ‘2023 Hana One Q FA Cup’ between K League 1 Daegu FC and K League 2 new team Cheonan City FC was held as scheduled at DGB Daegu Bank Park on the 12th.

A stage that determines the strongest player in domestic soccer, both professional and amateur. After standing at the top for the first time in 2018 and taking runner-up in 2021, the one-sided advantage of the home team, which reached the semifinals last year, was predicted. It seemed difficult for Cheonan City, which has been recording six consecutive losses since the opening of K League 2, to surpass Daegu, which has consistently proven its competitiveness in K League 1. However, the flow was not necessarily the same. Even though it was a little sloppy안전놀이터, the away team, which cracked down on the back door with dense defense, performed better than expected.

The tight balance did not last long. Excluding Sejingya, who is recovering from an injury, from the starting lineup and putting Edgar on the bench, Daegu of the 1.5 team bore fruit even with few chances. In the 38th minute of the first half, veteran goal scorer Lee Geun-ho opened the goal for Cheonan City. Keita’s accurate cross was connected with a sensuous non-stop left-footed shot.

Daegu did not stop. In the 20th minute of the second half, Lee Geun-ho was removed and Edgar was put in to continue the offensive. However, no additional goals were scored. It went well to the relative danger zone, but it was not detailed.

A decisive opportunity came to Cheonan City, which did not give up. In the 39th minute of the second half, foreign striker Motta calmly succeeded in a penalty kick (PK) to tie the score.

Daegu became impatient. This is because the plan to quickly revive the atmosphere that had sunk after being defeated by FC Seoul in the K League 1 Round 6 away match last weekend was in danger of going wrong. The overtime pattern was also similar, so Daegu drove the opponent without rest, but Cheonan City’s fighting spirit, which ran so diligently that it gave cramps to their legs, was blocked every time.

In the end, it was concentration that decided the game. Daegu won 2-1 as Baselus succeeded in a PK created by Ko Jae-hyun in the 7th minute of the second half of extra time. Daegu will play Suwon Samsung, which defeated Ansan Greeners 3-1, on the 24th of next month in the round of 16.

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